Should Eminem be uspet he hasn’t won an Album of the Year Grammy?

There’s been some reports that Eminem is a little pissed that he didn’t win the album of the year. He supposedly also feels slighted by the Grammy people because he feels he did them a favor by performing. He expected he would win or maybe it was implied or they hinted he would.

I really hope he doesn’t feel that way, I mean the Grammys in essence are a joke, there’s a bazillion releases a year, a bazillion genres and to have supposed unbiased “industry” people vote on the best, is well, not going to get the best or correct result anyway.

There’s politics and agendas on all fronts, including the jackass head of the Grammys (oops I guess I’ll never get to present an award or host now) with his subtle dissing of radio while praising internet radio and satellite. Hey jackass, who looks like the father on family ties, we’re all waiting close to a decade now for the artist, band or song that broke out because of a streaming site or satellite. Oh yeah there hasn’t been one, so shut up.

Back to the album of the year and Eminem, he’s had three album of the year nominations and lost all three, but did he deserve to win any of them? That’s debatable, especially this year when he lost to Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs, which I believe to be a better album than his Recovery.

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Arcade Fire Review at Mann Music Center 8/2/10

At times it was like a Canadian Fire Drill or a Hipster Lord of the Dance, but in essence it was the arrival of a band that now needs to be reckoned with for consideration of best live band. Arcade Fire has always been a dynamic live show, but at times awkward. Win Butler didn’t always fully understand the magnitude of being a showman. He always let the music do the talking along with the onstage chaos of his band, with the switching of instruments and stage positions every song, and it always delivered. But on the eve of the release of the highly anticipated “The Suburbs” on August 2 in Philadelphia, Butler became Springsteen-esque at times and Bono-esque as well and we know that’s a great thing.

Whether he was jumping in the crowd to lead sing alongs or downstroking his guitar with urgency and force, Butler let the crowd know he’s in charge and he’s beyond comfortable with it now. The band ripped through a mix of old and new with a breakneck frenetic pace and even sent out a cover of a Jay Reatard song to the late singer.

This is show not to be missed, this is a band not to be ignored.

Here’s a video I shot with my iPhone from the front row at the show of “Intervention” Enjoy!

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