Why the Strokes are a waste of time….

Since I’ve started my radio show, I’ve been very vocal about my dislike of a few bands. And like everything else, some people agree with my thoughts, others don’t. That’s the great thing about music, everybody likes something different, and unlike sports where you may root for one team while hoping every other team fails, music is not like that.

Despite my well documented distain for Kings of Leon, Pete Yorn and the Strokes, I don’t root against them selling records, I actually hope they do, I hope every artist sells millions of records, it’s better for all of us if tons of records get sold.

I also don’t have a problem with an artist to get established they cash in every friend and family connection “chip” to break through the clutter. It’s part of most everything in life, even in the workforce. Some people may get a job because of their connections which causes a better candidate to be left in the cold. In music a better album may not get heard or promoted. I fully understand all of that.

But this is where my problems lie with certain bands, once you cash in the “chip”, or daddy or your brother helps you out, you need to DELIVER or please go away and don’t keep re-cashing the same “chip”.

Unfortunately those certain bands haven’t DELIVERED.

The problem is not with the initial push to get them out there by using the “chip”. It’s the constant reusing of the “chip” after they’ve failed. I feel that effort should be afforded to another band who might deserve the opportunity.

None of those 3 aforementioned have DELIVERED a body of work to justify the endless pre-fab hype and none has DELIVERED a landmark start to finish great album.

Let’s use the Strokes as an example, all rich prep school kids, some with very influential daddies etc.

I have no problem with that.

They make an album that no US label wants.

No problem it happens all of the time.

They release it overseas and daddy’s friends in the fashion world start to manufacture some hype.

No problem with that.

That hype and maybe even some cash along the line gets the album released here.

No problem with that.

The album is mediocre but the “chip” cash in hype pulls out all of the stops and makes it a hit.

Still no problem, it happens all of the time.

After that, when the next album comes out, it needs to stand on it’s own merit. But as is the case with the Strokes, merit is out the window and the same “chip” cashing gets used over and over. Endless coverage, and of course the album is worse than the predecessor and the same drill happens with album three.

And yet here we go again with album four, the media barrage, the blogs, the mag covers, the SNL appearance. But this time no one is biting that hard, they realize it is all hype with no substance and 10 years down the road, the models don’t care anymore, they dig the skinny jeaned bearded flannel guys now.

So the Strokes are in a panic, they put tix on sale for MSG, and uh oh, it doesn’t sell out, despite the “generous” hold back.

And by the way Julian says he doesn’t want to tour anyway (and when they do finally play a gig, at sxsw, it’s a whopping 75 minutes!!!, or the equivalent of a Springsteen or Pearl Jam encore, who charged similar prices for MSG)

The songs started to drip out, it’s not really a leak if people aren’t seeking them, and no one is digging any of it. Then they Stream the full album before the on-sale. That’s an interesting tactic because if this album is so anticipated wouldn’t you want to sell it? I mean look at Gaga, she didn’t stream or make free her Born This Way single, and it’s still selling big 5 weeks later. What the Strokes have done is to create an excuse for what undoubtedly will be lousy sales. “of course it didn’t sell well, we gave it away for free” and besides the point, Julian said he only thinks 60% of it is good anyway!! Hey Jackass, if that’s the case release an EP not an album. But good news folks, they are already working on the next album, hopefully daddy can buy Julian a passing grade of at least 75%, 60% is failing in most parts of the world.

Yet because of all of their connections, they still got a slot on SNL. As far as I’m concerned SNL is the best late night slot for a band, unlike Letterman or Fallon where there are 275+ episodes a year, SNL is only around 20 and each musical act gets 2 songs (unless you’re special like Springsteen or Pearl Jam who get 3). And rather than being honored to have a slot they don’t deserve and try to justify all of it, they tank it.

And of course there was the F-bomb no one cared about, because it wasn’t shocking, it reeked of desperation for attention, something they hoped would give them the indie cred they never earned, because the only cred they have ever gotten is what they tried to buy. This wasn’t Johnny Rotten cursing on the BBC which jumpstarted the Sex Pistols. This was a well educated prep school trust fund adult grasping at a straw. But there was no backlash, no FCC fervor, because even they don’t care about the Strokes.

And people may wonder, why do I even care about this? People will correctly (although unfortunately) point out that the local garage band from Paramus or Staten Island or even the Lower East Side wasn’t getting that press or the SNL gig anyway. So what does it matter? Well, it does because the less these kinds of bands like the Strokes get opportunity after opportunity without DELIVERING it does open up the chance for someone somewhere, it’s the butterfly theory, kind of.

Here’s another reason I feel I can speak against and really take to task these bands that keep cashing in the same chips and failing; it’s because my favorite artist lived it even more extreme and not only delivered on that, has continued to deliver over and over again.

The build up of Bruce Springsteen was as pressure filled as any artist has ever dealt with. His signing to Columbia records as well as being discovered by the guy who discovered Bob Dylan was hyped to the hilt. The press push by the label for the first album made him out to be the next Bob Dylan, which was interesting to say the least, since Bob Dylan was on the same label and was only 32 years old! I mean how can there be the next Bob Dylan, when the actual Bob Dylan still was prominent and ironically hadn’t even released what some consider his best album (Blood on the Tracks).

Obviously that tactic failed miserably and the label put zero support behind Springsteen’s second album. He was about to be dropped from his label, and unlike now you get dropped from a major label it’s spun as a badge of honor, back then it was the kiss of death. Springsteen’s management pulled out every single stop, talked the label into one last push, laid it all on the table, there was no reset button like the Strokes seem to always get, it all came down to the next album. The management played Time and Newsweek against each other and was able to get Bruce on the cover of both magazines the same week. This was back when people read magazines and there were less of them, so it had impact. There were no blogs, or facebook. It was magazines, radio and word of mouth, which because there were less options, made it more magnified, as every label, artist and manager sought the same valuable exposure, so when you hyped something and it failed you were done.

All of the chips were cashed in, everyone had gone for broke, there was no safety net, no trust fund money or pr machine to salvage it if went wrong.

We all know what happened, Springsteen delivered an album of a lifetime (Born to Run), that ironically some feel may not even be his best. He’s delivered time and time again, both on record and in concert. He didn’t become a novelty act playing greatest hits shows, nor did he pad his shows with opening acts to sell tix, just him and his band for 3 hours a night, doing songs that in most cases the casual fan doesn’t even know.

Some may not like Springsteen’s music or his politics or his persona, but you do need to respect what he does and how long he continues to do it and how he DELIVERED on the hype when all of the “chips” were cashed in.

So, hopefully that will explain and lend some credibility to why the Strokes are irrelevant until they DELIVER something, which we are still waiting for….

  • Joey Patches


    Though I admit I'm a fan of The Strokes' first album, you really struck a chord here with the sense of entitlement in the "trust fund music" market today. I usually try and ignore the gripe of the working class musician that my bandmates, friends, and me put up with, but you have a way of re-infuriating me by putting things into perspective (in a good way).

    Hopefully this article will reach the rich "preppies" out there (to borrow a term from A. C. Slater) about either delivering a solid piece of work or shying from the spotlight, and also reach the "economically challenged" as a reminder of what we're up against.

    Joey Patches

    P.S.: I'm kind of shocked you didn't mention the release of Nebraska in the middle of Bruce-mania. But, just to further your point, THAT'S an artist.

  • http://them0dernage.tumblr.com Tyler Brown

    The Strokes played shows for 2 years to nobody. If all your trust-fund bullshit was true, then why didn't they become famous a lot earlier? They earned their popularity. It had nothing to do with their rich heritage (oh, and Nikolai doesn't have any rich heritage). As far as I'm concerned, they've delivered 4 times already. You just don't like the music and are trying to find a reason why. Its okay. People's tastes are different. Now quit with the bullshit and go find a different artist to like instead of seeking out ones to hate.

  • Carla

    Do you mind explaining why some of the biggest fucking concerts in the world payed for them to play last year? Gaga fans are only attracted to gimmicks. Strokes are skilled musicians that don't rely on fake blood. Any please note that Gaga was discovered after trying to be the "female Julian Casablancas".

  • lewis


  • http://twitter.com/1akenmarie @1akenmarie

    AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION JULIAN DOSNT WANT A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH his dad…. and hes not a modle he was sent there cus he was doin real bad in school and there a garage rock band that started IN NEW YORK you dumbass AND IF U REALLY DONT CARE AND DONT LIKE THEM WHY POST THIS god they worked really hard they didn just get things handed to them!!!! THE concerts they worked there a big deal they didn sell out the garden cus they annonced they were playin like 2 or 3 weeks before and im glad there not anothere lady gaga or justin beiber or some shit cus then they would be TOTALLY FAKE AND WASHED UP!! ever think of that dick!!! MABEY BEFORE U POST SHIT LIKE THIS U SHOULD CHEK THE FACTS!!! and julian prolly didn wanna tour cus of his kid god SOME PEOPLE R SO IGNORENT!!!! LISTEN TO THERE MUSIC ASSHOLE!! he puts blood sweat and tears into that!! he thinks his best isnt good enough!! !!!! thats all i have to say to you!!! GO FUCK URSELF!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    shit article. you cant even spell your "distain" for the band right. you have any idea how many bands have been influenced by the strokes first album? of course you dont, you've probably never picked up a guitar in your life, let alone written a song.

    seriously, what a pile of horseshit this article is. bravo.

    • Gaffer

      I agree…. whether or no the strokes have delivered is up to whether or not you like what they are delivering, its totally subjective.

  • Schovanka

    ooh god… what a poor article! you must hate them a lot to write something so rude and full of anger! it is sad that man can still find some asshole who thinks the strokes became famous becouse of rich parents, especially thanks to jules father, john casablancas… maybe you dont know about problems between jules and his father (well and it is not your business), but jules would not be able to use his father´s money just becouse of those problems.. and what about nikolai? he is not from a rich family… they exist till 1998 and became famous when? 2000 and 2001? why not in 1998?hm?… dont be just so fuckin jealous and try to focus only on music… and if you dont like them, dont care about them…I dont like Gaga and i dont give a shit about her and her music etc… so please do the same for us, strokes fans, and for the strokes too, thanks

  • Alamela

    I feel like I’m about to explode with anger reading this. But hey, its your opinion right?
    Well I wouldnt mind it if whatever you said here was true, unfortunately, not even 60% of what you’ve written here is true. It’s utter garbage. Let me start correcting your err unintentional mistakes.
    a) Julian didnt have a good relationship with his father. If you did your research, and actually wanted to find out the truth, you would have also known that they played several gigs to earn $300(yup collectively they didnt even have that amount) to record their first demo.
    b) the only help they got was from Albert’s parents, who paid for Nick and Nikolai’s rent, cause they lived in poverty.(shocker!)
    c) MSG did sell out. (shocker! wow, it must be because their dads are paying people to go see their shows right??)
    d)Like MGMT who’s album also leaked, they decided to stream it until the album came out.
    e) Julian didnt say he only like 60% of the album, but 60% of the ideas, and the other 40% he tweaked or threw it out.
    which means that 60% magically transforms into a 100%
    Now for the FUN facts
    a) No. 1 album on itunes *drum roll* ANGLES!!
    b) 25,000 people came to see them at SXSW, granted its a free show but its also the biggest recorded audience turnout for a free show (But,but..their irrelevant..how..did they..)
    c)Hype..that’s true..hype did help them become big. But explain to me how they are bigger now than they ever were? Hype? Maybe so..but I am from Malaysia(dont know where? its ok, its an irrelevant country)..I didnt ever know who they were until 2009, (no hype machine then) when I stumbled upon their music.
    Just the audio, I thought to myself..this sounds like shit..but a few listens later..it was the best thing I’ve heard in a while. And I kept listening..and 2 years on. I am still playing their songs on my ipod. Their songs are not meant for first listens but multiple.
    Try not judge music based on their background, cause if not you are doing the same thing, as people who buy into the hype..hating/liking something people say is good/bad, but not exactly true.
    I know this wont change you mind, you seem to be adament on hating them..but for the people who read this blog, go check the strokes out..and not judge something because of what this obviously jealous guy has to say

  • LotusBliss

    Uhhh, HELLO?!!

    Stick to your bullshit radio job ya hackjob.

  • Ester

    Ok, you must be trying to get press by writing a ridiculous post, just like the LA Weekly post a while back, which ended up being edited after all the negative comments. It was the same nonsense you're writing…trust fund babies…blah, blah, blah. Been there, done that. Did you seriously compare them to Lady Gaga? She's the joke of what music has become today. Everyone's pretty much corrected you in your lack of knowledge/research. This is something written by some random nonfan, and not by a legitimate source. You've obviously done some research on Springsteen b/c he's your favorite artist, which magnifies the glaring mistakes you make regarding the Strokes. You don't know much about them b/c you're not a fan and make judgments based on nonfacts. It's fine if their music doesn't appeal to you, but they obviously appeal to people all over the world, with die-hard fans ranging from young teens to decades older. Basically, you want them to appeal to your taste. Their music can be played over and over again, ten years later, and it's still amazing, like the first time listening to it.

  • James, Long Island

    i'll be in the minority here on a few things, first off i liked the first album enough to buy the second, i was disappointed in it. didn't even bother with the third. i did get the new one and i don't like it at all. As i read this guy's blog, i was taken aback by the systematic thought process and comparisions. I agree with some of it, disagree with some ot it. i do however get the biggest kick out of the comments. some are downright mean and i give whoever runs this site credit for not taking some of it down. How come no one is commenting on the new album? put aside the hatred and speak out for the album if you like it. i personally don't.

    • Ester

      @James You're right, some of the comments are mean. It's hard not to angered by this post b/c he doesn't seem to be judging the music for what it is, but has contempt for the Strokes, based on what he thinks he knows about them. I think all the songs on the first 2 albums are amazing. I don't like all the songs on the 3rd, but a lot of them are stand-alone wonderful (You Only Live Once, Electricityscape, Ize of the World, Evening Sun, Red Light). The 3rd album is different from the first 2, but it showed they were evolving. Nikolai said this 4th album would've been a good transition b/t the 2nd and 3rd albums. I agree. Just started listening to the album a few hours ago, but I like it better than the 3rd (particularly Machu Picchu, Under Cover of Darkness, Taken for a Fool, Gratisfaction, Life Is Simple in the Moonlight). The more you listen to the songs, the more you hear how much goes into each one, lyrically, instrumentally, melodically. They're definitely not meant for a one-time listen, but something to be heard over and over again. You can really appreciate their artistry, talent, innovation. And their live performances are the best.

    • lewis

      @ James sorry was this article meant to be about Angles? oh i actually love it more with every listen

  • Scotty K

    i've listened to this guy's radio show and have attended a few of the local band shows he's done in the city and i read these blogs. There are times this guy infuriates me but i must give him some credit, he does support unheard of bands and i think he respects music. I applaud the fact with what he does with all of that, because he seems to be the only one doing it.
    I've read this blog a little differently, and before i get into details, the first strokes album is great, the second one is not as good and the last two are horrific for my tastes. I don't think this guy is a strokes hater, i don't think he cares for the music and doesn't like the fact they get carte blanche over and over again despite with what some agree are inferior efforts compared to the first or second albums. he talks about a complete album, and even @Ester commented on 3rd album she liked only 5 songs and on the new album mentioned 5 she liked. maybe the DJ is right in that aspect. Maybe his approach is divisive and conflict causing but the albums aren't complete nor landmark for the attention they get before they come out. i have to agree with him on that.

    • Ester

      @Scotty I didn't say that I only liked 5 songs, but that those were stand-outs to me. I do like most of the songs. And after only a few listens, the Angles songs I mentioned are the ones I love already. It's too early to say whether I like this album less than the first 2. I know what you're saying about all the hype before the albums come out. That's exactly what they themselves hate. They always wanted to be judged for the music, not the interviews, stories, etc. I firmly believe that all the praise they get is well-deserved though. I don't think they get enough credit actually. I think they should be bigger than they are. These negative reviews often seem to be negative reactions to the media hype, not so much simply a negative review of the music. I think they have a gift for knowing what's going to make people feel something…a connection to what they're listening to.

  • xzx

    seriously? this stuff has been said 10 years ago,and the strokes have continued to make albums,GREAT albums,so if you think saying this will stop them from getting fans,just quit.their music is great,their fans don't love them cause their dads have money,they love them for their music.also,nick and nikolai were poor (broke) when they were kids,yes albert and julian have rich dads but 3 out of 5 of them don't,and even if they did have enough money to roll around in it,why is it important? it's music,it's not about looks,money and people like you (you,are a leach,they have a lot of hype now and you're trying to get a cut by talking about them)

  • Scotty K

    @Ester sorry if i misinterpreted your post on the songs. i don't follow their interviews and such, but i would think if they want to be judged on the music and not any press etc, then i don't understand why play the garden as your first show in new york and put that onsale before the album comes out? and why do all this advance press? disregard what this guy says about the connections etc, regardless of that, the strokes i would imagine have enough stature to call their own shots and if they wanted to, they could stop the interviews and scrutinizing ahead of the release. They obviously sign off on the PR and marketing plans. why not just put out a song here or there and then an album, play some club shows, create a frenzy that way and then do the garden. doing something like could get them more praise and less piling on in blogs like this.

  • ussoR hciR

    What an ignorant, mis-informed, and idiotic article! Are you going to criticize The Beatles for initially being rejected by various record labels? Are you going to slam the Velvet Underground for using their higher connections to get a record deal? It's ludicrous to even make the claim that The Strokes only made it from their connections. Would they of really wasted their time playing places like Arlene's Grocery if they could of just threw cash at any label to get them signed? Don't you think Elite Model Management has any connections in North America? Why would they have to go to Britain first? The British have always been more accommodating to rock music; probably because people like you have control over American airwaves. Do you think John Peel would of had them on his show if they were just a bunch of fake characters set up by a modeling agency?
    I won't bother mentioning your commentary on their second or third albums, you don't say anything worthwhile to even cause a negative reaction.
    And it would be great if you could get your facts straight. Considering Bowery's website lists Madison Square Garden as sold out, I'm just going to assume that you don't know how to do any decent research. If you tried to get tickets, I can assure you that they sold out within a day of their general sale (with the majority of the pre-sale going in around five minutes) forcing them to open the seats behind the stage to accomodate more people.
    And since when were shorter concerts band? Doesn't it only matter if the band delivers and the crowd go away happy? I've seen long and short concerts; in the end, length doesn't matter but quality does. Not everyone is Bruce, not everyone needs to do a three hour set. The Rolling Stone's legendary bootleg, The Brussels Affair, is only an 71 minutes long yet it is one of the most potent pieces of music ever conceived in a live setting. Quality over quantity.
    It's laughable that you would criticize The Strokes for streaming their album when nearly every major band does so, either through their own website or a third-party site such as NPR. It's a simple way, albeit not very effective, of combating piracy. Can we all shit on Wilco for streaming Yankee Foxtrot Hotel and, by doing so, increasing sales of said album? Can we also shit on your beloved Bruce for streaming Working On A Dream on NPR a week before its release? Oh, I guess he was just trying to downplay the inevitable poor record sales, right? Because we all know that record bombed, just like Angles will (Number two on iTunes? Pfft, good job Angles).
    Please, go crawl back into whatever hole you came out of.

  • Patty

    the strokes suck, springsteen sucks, gaga sucks, and russo doesn't because i went to one of his events and hung out with Billie Joe, so for that russo will always be a god to me. I read his blogs and listen to his show and will do so forever because of that.

  • Jacob

    Your so FUCKING STUPID. Stop trying to start a crusade where none exists. What the hell are you talking about? Your tired of these trust fund babies hijacking the music bizz with their hype machines and money. Any evidence to back that up? From where I stand the strokes already earned their respect with two incredibly highly acclaimed, well received and in my opinion near perfect albums. Granted these last two albums while still very good were not in the same league but they were still better then three quarters of the shit that comes out now days. No body is telling you that you have to like these guys but don't completely remove yourself from reality. This album was easily my most anticipated album of the last 5 years and I haven't heard the strokes name mentioned in the media practically that entire span. I anticipated the album bec like most people my age I absolutely love the way this band sounds. I understand your need to write incendiary material, but please try to have a brain, I cant read this mindless drivel. You really suck

  • jacob

    I think everyone did an excellent job of shutting down this idiot. He says stupid things all the time and generally pulls facts out of his ass. I hope he gets fired bec there plenty of talented jockeys without jobs who actually know a thing or two about music.

  • anon


  • Melissa

    Seriously now? Do your fucking research before you slam a band for things you have misconceptions of.

  • Katelyn

    Excuse me, but what the fuck? Please, learn to get your facts right before you write an article! I would have completely respected your opinion if you would have had accurate facts, but obviously not.

  • anonymous

    Terrible article. I came here expecting honest, polite opinions that I was aware would differ from my own, a couple quirky remarks, FACTS maybe, but what you've provided is a poorly-written free write of juvenile bitching about what a terrible band The Strokes are. Or, rather, how terrible YOU think you are. You write as if you are talking to your own people, people that share your opinions about the band and feel the same way you do. Surprise surprise, when it comes to opinions about The Strokes and their music: you're in the minority. Firstly, Julian's father was well off but did nothing to help them get publicity or anything. They worked for it. Secondly, fucking learn how to spell disDain. Thirdly, The Strokes did deliver. In fact, they delivered 4 heaping plates of awesome. If there is anyone that is not delivering, it is YOU sir. Stick that up your ass and call it an article.

    So if you're PMSing and need to write out your feelings, take it to your diary. Not to the internet. Especially when it involves one of the greatest bands of the 2000's.

    Someone who knows what they're talking about

  • Rosario

    Rich, you do realize that the Strokes are one of the most influential bands of decade right?
    You do realize that many bands were influenced by them? ARCTIC MONKEYS included?
    And you do realize that Wikipedia is not a very good source for writing articles?

  • No One.


    First of all, them being rich had nothing to do with the fact that they're famous. Nikolai and Nick did not come from rich families or go to prep schools. Julian tries to make it very clear that his dad has nothing to do with the fact that they're famous. Second, don't even compare them to Gaga. They're music genre's are completely different for thing. I think that the Strokes deserved to be on SNL all the chances they got. And so what if Julian dropped the f-bomb. It's not a cry for attention. Julian curses in every sentence. I think you need to do a little more research about them before you write a whole article on how "awful" they are. Because they are not awful. They're songs are original and different. They're music videos are real and they lyrics mean something. They should never be compared to singers like Gaga. I dont know what kind of music fan you are but clearly you don't have good taste. The Strokes deliver. The Strokes deliver every fucking time they before. I thought they delivered on Letterman, Fallon, and SNL

    Get Your Facts Straight Asshole.

  • Lisa

    Next time do some research before posting crap.

  • Marlene

    HA! this article is pure bullshit, You are obviously an ignorant dumbass who should have their research. THE STROKESSS ROCK!

  • I am meeee

    Are you serious? Okay, I'm all for "expressing yourself" and having your own opinions, but this is unnecessary. It's a shame that you think they're a shitty band (because in my opinion, they're one of the most influential bands of the 21st century!) but you don't need to say that the reason they are where they are now is because of John Casblancas. Jules' dad did NOT pay to have their band perform at top shows. They EARNED that. Matter of fact, Julian and his dad are not even close. I hardly even talk. They don't even visit each other during Christmas. You think his dad would just lend him money for his "fucked up" band after being bad in all the schools Julian attended? NO! The rest of the band are very diverse and interracial. They're not Americans; they're not economically secure. Please, get your facts straights. If I were you, i would delete this article because I bet you, the whole Strokes community will come after you. That's not a threat, it's just an advice, because I know that Strokes' fans are VERY VERY dedicated.

  • whore

    this is shit

  • Polly

    You should get your facts right. This is total BS. The Strokes worked their ass off to get where they are.

  • Lu

    This man is right… John Casablancas bought a big place in my heart for The Strokes. I happen to love them, but remember: he paid me for this.

  • Paul

    The only 'waste of time' was reading a bit of this article and while I don't think people should be downed for their opinions, because everyone differs, it does seem like this article was written with the intention of going against the general opinion for attention. What better way to spark a conversation by saying one of the "Most influential" bands of the decade is a 'waste of time'. Their music is fun to play nonetheless on guitar and bass.

  • Susan

    This "article" is filled with a multitude of grammatical errors; perhaps the writer should return to college, if indeed he ever attended. The writer is ignorant. period. I love The Strokes music. Julian's writing/songs evoke so many feelings and emotions. No One (above) was right. They were awesome on Letterman and Fallon, and especially SNL! I'm glad I downloaded those performances!

  • i'm drunk

    What a piece of shit article.

  • shank

    go hang yourself whist listening to your lady gaga you jealous ugly tasteless useless excuse of man. It must suck having your self surrounded by talent and not having any. You think they dont deliver as musicians? well your a blogger and you cant even spell or get your facts straight, where does that leave you?

  • liz

    this article is spot on. I work in the entertainment industry, and I know first-hand how the machine works.
    I also know that you don't get rich AND famous when you're 20 years old unless you KNOW SOMEBODY. This is a fact. These guys had tons of help from thier parents. Duh.
    That being said, I was a huge fan of The Strokes when thier first EP came out. My friends and I drove 2 hours to go see them play in a shitty basement club in the middle of nowhere…and it was an OK show…it was good enough but not great. Certainly not worthy of the hype they had going.
    Another band that was touring around the same time were the White Stripes…and they were just OK too. I thought they were a great led zep cover band, you know? But they certainly weren't on every magazine cover and they already had a record out.
    So all of these people who wrote comments before me challenging the author of this article, do yourself a favor and give up. You probably work for The Strokes PR anyway, and if I were you I'd find another job- quick.

  • Fred

    The strokes didn´t deliver on their 1st or 2nd album? Are you for real? Daddy created them a hype??? Maybe it´s just because i´m european,, but they definetly came in with a bang here -in the overseas-. all your article is based on false premisses, you just don´t like ´em

  • Karen

    A lot of your comments/sources are horribly wrong. Including that MSG wasnt sold out! It was SOLD OUT!!

  • False

    Wow, I didn't realize there were actually people as jaded as you are. People like what people like and since music is a matter of opinion (as showcased by the crap that passes as pop these days) I find your article pretty damn lol-worthy. While I might not personally like The Strokes I certainly can't fault their technique or the influences they have had. However they got their first kick into the industry doesn't have any effect on their musical talents. Fact and point is, if they sucked and no one liked them they would not be popular. This idea that they never delivered is really the funniest part of your post. I would hardly say millions of listeners is an example of not delivering. Maybe if they had been a one hit wonder that was repeatedly presented because they were trust fund babies but this is simply not the case. And to go even further and say that any music is a waste of time is just…. ignorant? close-minded? I'm not quite sure, but it's certainly not the viewpoint of anyone who should have any say on what is and what isn't good music. I may not agree with the music they play but I'll defend to the death their right to play it.

  • Matt

    Opinions are opinions, but what's with all the Pearl Jam love? I'm not saying Mr. Vedder and the gang aren't influential and haven't been through the paces, but they are no incredible group. Definitely in a different (lesser) class than the boss too.

  • Jenny

    “I would say roughly 60 percent of what they did I thought was rad and I didn’t touch, and then 40 percent I would either alter it or it got left behind.” -Julian Casablancas
    You’re twisting his words around… I understand you have a different taste in music, but at least get the facts straight. Also, they do not receive any sort of help from their fathers in promoting their music.
    I believe Angles is a great album because some of the songs like Games, Machu Picchu and Two Kinds of Happiness sound different from their previous songs. This demonstrates their versatility and talent, in my opinion.

  • Mike

    I was almost angered by the title of this blog post, but I feel you justified your argument and defended your opinion pretty well throughout it. Ironically enough, I love the Strokes but love Springsteen even more so it was very interesting to read. While I don’t think the Strokes are the revolutionary rock band of the 21st century as some of the media makes them out to be, I do think they are a fantastic band and deserve most of the praise they get. Angles is still a pretty solid album from the group and a great direction forward (in my opinion) for them to head towards. I find it disappointing how poorly it’s done in sales, but it does seem to be pretty popular behind the band’s following. Overall, this is actually a pretty good article that didn’t leave me pissed off after reading, but still I disagree on the fact that you think the Strokes have yet to “deliver” as a band.

  • James

    you are clearly an ignorant shitwit. the strokes have sold millions of albums and have millions of fans world wide so they clearly arent hyped up wastes of time… this whole article is completely biased against the strokes. i went to see them at splendour in the grass 2010 and thousands of people came to watch. i cant believe that u even wrote this. how can u argue that something is a waste of time when they clearly have success. some of their songs are fucking hits…

  • Zach

    Face the facts, Springsteen did NOT deliver EVERY time there was hype surrounding him (there was hype around him every album after Born To Run). A few of his albums are still consider mediocre at best, but he will ALWAYS be remembered as a musician that helped shape a generation through his music. This is what the Strokes have done. “Is This It” was an album that eclipsed the 00’s, and if it wasn’t for that album and the effect it had on a generation, we would have had another 5 years of nu-metal music and the fashion that went with it (facial piercings, baggy pants, iced tips). While I can’t fault you for not liking them, your post just seems to stem from a place of jealousy. Yeah they had money and connections, but you play it off like they were one of the most connected bands at the time they broke through. I guess my question is this: Have you ever seen them perform? Have you ever seen them live? My guess is you have not. These guys can electrify a crowd and have everyone singing along in minutes. Have they delivered as a band? Yes. In one single album they changed music in the 00’s and have since been cited by countless modern bands as one of their major influences. I challenge any skeptics to go back and listen to “Is This It” in its entirety and you’ll hear just how well that album still holds up. 11 years later! How many bands can you say that about really?

    • katz

      The fact that the Strokes were in the right place at the right time is not necessarily a credit to the band, unless the only metric for success is commercial. While not terrible by any means, I think the Strokes have always been subject to undeserved hype and praise: who still remembers the absurd comparisons to VU and Television? After all that, they only managed to churn out one song that anyone noticed. Just one. They are the Knack of our time, not the Nirvana.

  • katy

    Youre a jackass.

  • Bam

    You’re an idiot The Strokes are great

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.coy.144 Daniel Coy

    you’re a jealous pussy

  • Jack

    lol stopped reading when you called ‘is this it’ mediocre without a single sentence to back that up. you could learn something from that whole “deliver” kick you’re on…

  • Amputee Tango

    Society is full of rhetoric trying to dissuade you from beautiful things. There are plenty of complete imbeciles who don’t fancy something and write a lightly derogatory article against them because they realize being outlandishly derogatory won’t convince anybody. Truth is, being a dumbass isn’t convincing regardless of what chess piece you move first. The Strokes are solid. It’s easy for some dumbass blog-writer to insult people in order to get views on his shitty site; that’s the nature of society today. The truth is; if something is beautiful; enjoy it. Not everybody likes some things (i.e. the strokes), but don’t read some impotent blogger’s article and over-analyze something you’ve tied memories to. To “Rich”, the blog writer; get over yourself. If you want to insult a band look at the vast majority of pop culture. The Strokes have an alternative but very solid sound. I get that you love jerking off to Lady Gaga and Hannah Montana. They’re both vaguely hot; but ripping on The Strokes and comparing them to poppier bands like Kings of Leon is a stretch and you should really check yourself nigger.

  • Name

    They don’t get help from their dads and they didn’t ask for the hype. In fact, they showed very clearly that they didn’t care about “delivering.” They’ve always just been about making music. Fans are simply along for the ride with the band driving. They aren’t attention-seeking nerds who purposely say the f word on tv for attention. And ‘Is This It’ was not mediocre. If it truly was, people who actually get music wouldn’t STILL be hailing it as one of the best albums of this century. You’re what’s wrong with critics. You do no research and you evidently let judgements and personal preference cloud objectivism.

  • Danielzinho

    HAHAHAAAAAA. What a pathetic miserable cunt this guy is. “Hey… ,let me just make stuff up.. if I have no facts… let me just intimate certain things and pretend like they happened.” LOL. Faggot.

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