Tally Hall To Play Bowery Ballroom Tonight

Tally Hall are a lighthearted band of melody-makers not yet given their proper due. They’re the kind of band that dresses up proper for a live show and delivers catchy hooks and 60s-style harmonies mixed with a cohesive flair that would have gotten them more play in the earlier half of last decade.

If for nothing else, their creative video for the song “Good Day” was tailor-made to go viral, but didn’t.

They deserve better.

They’ll be playing Bowery Ballroom tonight with April Smith And The Great Picture Show + Casey Shea. While sure to not be a show that is must-see or will blow you away (though it might! Who knows?), It’s a matter of taking a chance on a band that should have been on your radar, wasn’t, and could possibly become a solid addition to your iTunes library in the future as a dependable act to revisit.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGQZItOMz6k]

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