Unsigned Spotlight: Ghost Bunny

Ghost Bunny have been kicking around the NYC rock scene for a while now under various monikers from Dead Rabbit, then to The Rabbits, and now they’ve finally settled on Ghost Bunny just in time for their latest album to hit the presses.

Finally up as a free download on Bandcamp, their self-titled debut is filled with the kind of sharp hooks and melodic vocals one may or may not have expected from a band named after a deceased rabbit.

“Out Of Our Heads” is an immediate standout with it’s clap-a-long beat and infectious guitar-work just begging to become a hit somewhere. “Japanese” showcases well the band’s surf-rock influences and “All Mutants” rages into a fury of a climax with frantic guitars worthy of indeed soundtracking a mutant attack.

Ghost Bunny have come a long way to get to this point and with another album coming, hopefully, sooner rather than later, you’d be wise to keep your eyes (and ears) on them in the coming months.

Download their album for FREE


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWE42qc6KRM]

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