So tonight at the Studio at Webster Hall, one of the biggest bands in the world will be playing a a room the size of a suburban basement, and one lucky fan will get the option to buy a ticket at cost ($23.94).

some simple rules: you must be 19 or older. You must be able to be at the venue by 9pm. you must have $23.94 to pay for the ticket.

Because there are so many people i know that need a ticket for this, i don’t want have to choose favorites amongst friends and fans, so i’m doing a contest, and i’m not even looking at who submits. my assistant will put all of the correct entries will into textmechanic’s random line picker go here to see how it works and whatever name is generated that’s the winner.

you do need to qualify by answering this question, correct answers make the submission list, incorrect answers are thrown out..

since I am a radio DJ, here’s a question that involves a famous NYC CLUB and one of the most influential radio DJ’s of all time:

Name the song that legendary DJ John Peel once decribed as the perfect song that was covered by Green Day at the most influential music club in NYC Punk history..

you must name the song and who originally did it.

send your answer to

include your answer in the header and your name in the body of the entry per email address, multiple entries will be voided out. contest begins at 11:30am and entries accepted until 12:15

good luck!

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  • Pretzone

    who won???

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