A Few words about DAVID CASSIDY and two special treats for his fans

David Cassidy

In May of 2016, my friend Deb called me and asked if I was interested in seeing David Cassidy at a small theatre in New Jersey that was about an hour from my house. Deb used to manage Davy Jones and her husband is a great guitar player who used to play with Davy and at that point was touring with Cassidy.

I love all kinds of music as evident from my radio show, and I do love the bubblegum hits of the 70’s and also very well versed in pop culture. The Partridge Family on TV was part of my childhood, and Cassidy was the love and crush of many a girl I knew, both older and younger as they got intro’d to him and the show via reruns and of course his Undercover show. But I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to drive an hour to see the show, sometimes the nostalgia stuff doesn’t really work all that well. I told Deb I’d get back to her.

One of my best friends and his wife live about 20 minutes from the theatre, I asked them if they were interested in going with me, it would be good to see them, have dinner and catch the show. My friend laughed and said no way. His wife grabbed the phone and said “we’re in!”

So we went. I had very low expectations, we got to say hello to David before the show, he was gracious and cool, and my friend’s wife was on cloud nine. We went to our seats. The show began.

It was nothing short of incredible. A mix of Partridge Family hits, some covers, including a BB King one with David wailing away on guitar, and an insanely deep cut from David’s “the Harder they Fall” album, called “Common Thief” and a slide show throughout with pix of David through the years including the naked Rolling Stone cover that had all of the ladies shrieking with joy.

I was blown away. I called Deb the next day to thank her and told how impressed I was and asked her if David would be interested in playing in the fall at a theatre and tie it into my anniversary. She said she’d ask David, who then called me the following weekend, where I interviewed him and he was all in on the fall show. It was a wonderful conversation and we covered a ton of ground (listen to it below), due to some tech issues the quality isn’t perfect but still worth listening to.

I then called my friends at the Count Basie Theatre and suggested I wanted to do an anniversary show with David Cassidy and two new local Punk bands opening. They of course thought I was delusional especially since David hadn’t done more than 500 people in any venue in the 2000’s, but we went ahead with it, and on a Thursday night before Halloween, almost 1200 people saw what would be David’s last ever appearance in the state he grew up in. It was a fun night, David would announce shortly thereafter his battle with Dementia which started to creep in and affect him like it did his mother and father. We had discussed the idea of him doing a Springsteen cover that night since there was a connection between one of his biggest hits and Bruce’s first managers, but he had told me that he’d have a difficult time remembering it, and somewhat let me in on his health issues and the dementia onset, which he’d announce shortly thereater.

I got to spend some time with David before the show as I picked him up at the hotel and we drove the venue together. We had some laughs and he over and over expressed his gratitude for putting the show together and was curious to see the opening punk bands.

David Cassidy was bigger than we could ever imagine, a TV star, a pop sensation, a teen idol who sold out arenas and stadiums, a rock star who shared a record label with Elvis and Bowie simultaneously, had a top 40 hit in the late 80’s and kept it rolling into the new Millennium. I am so glad I got to know him, spend time with him and host a show with him. He will be missed. I will miss him but thankfully he’ll live on forever via his records, his concert footage and his TV shows.

as a special treat for his fans, i’ve posted his entire show from that night in Red Bank, his last ever appearance in a state he once called home. thanks to Alberto Engeli for the fine video work. I have have some autographed posters i’ll make available for charity soon.

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Stories We Can Tell Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Hot Gossip Gary Moore (RIP Liz Smith)
Celebrity Skin Hole
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Sexy Girl Glenn Frey (happy bday Glenn)
Cynical Girl Marshall Crenshaw (happy bday Marshall)
Fantasy Girl .38 Special
Fantasy Aldo Nova (happy bday Aldo)
Wings of Fantasy Ray Davies
Horse To Water R.E.M.
A Horse With No Name America
Mr Ed Theme Song Some German Guy (happy bday Alan Young)
Mr. Soul Neil Young (happy bday Neil)
Mr Brightside The Killers
Mr. Bad Example Warren Zevon
Mr Punchy Joey Ramone
Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean Mr. Clean All-Purpose Cleaner
Mr. Menage a Trois Hawaii Mud Bombers
Black betty (she gets me high) DMC/Bach/Mars/Barker
Death and Destruction radio edit Low Cut Connie
Everybody Lost Somebody radio edit Bleachers
Back in the USA Green Day
The Pale Faced Indian (Lament Of The Cherokee Nation) Marvin Rainwater
Trail Of Broken Treaties Little Steven (happy bday Steven)
Free Bird Porter & Sayles
The Turkey Paul Revere and The Raiders
We Are The Vegetables INXS
Vega-Tables The Beach Boys
Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) Dee Dee Sharp
It’s Thanksgiving for Everybody Bob’s Burgers
Thanksgiving Adam Sandler as Bruce Springsteen
Thanksgiving Prayer Johnny Cash

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Montage of every song first anything anything from 11/9/08
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Jackie Jesse Malin
Jackie Was a Renegade Bobby Mahoney and Seventh Son
Jacky’s Only Happy when she’s up on stage Morrissey
She’s Only Happy When She’s Dancin’ Bryan Adams
I’m Happy Just to Dance With You The Beatles
I Saw Her Standing There Little Steven with Paul McCartney
Gun Control Laws The West Wing (Wayne LaPierre Bday)
Gun Control Ian Hunter
Church Lyle Lovett
I Said A Prayer Red House
Felicidad Sally Field as The Flying Nun (happy bday Sally)
Happy Ever After (Zero Hour) Foo Fighters
Zero Hour The Plimsouls
Love Minus Zero/No Limit Willie Nile
Godzilla Blue Öyster Cult
Discovering Japan Graham Parker & The Rumour
Turning Japanese Liz Phair
Not That Funny (St. Louis, November 5, 1979) Fleetwood Mac
Funny Face Donna Fargo (happy bday Donna)
Funny Face The Muffs
Yesterday’s Hero Bay City Rollers (happy bday Les McKeon)
Joining the Army (Lucero Cover) Dave Hause
The War Lucero
Sound Off (Duckworth Chant)/Letter From The Front Mike Daly & The Planets (Veteran’s Day)

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Anything, Anything Dramarama
Fats Domino RRHOF induction Billy Joel
Be My Guest Fats Domino (RIP fats)
Sick and Tired Alex Chilton (Fats cover)
Let the Four Winds Blow Bruce Springsteen (fats cover)
Ain’t That A Shame (Live) Cheap Trick (fats cover)
The First Amendment Larry Flynt (happy bday Larry)
Dirty Pictures The Sunset Bombers
Dirty Movies Van Halen
Dirty Sexy Money The Struts
Dirty Old Town Larry Mullen, Jr. of U2 ((happy bday Larry)
Dirty Water Low Cut Connie
Most Likely You Go Your Way And I’ll Go Mine Bob Dylan
Get out of your own Way U2
Go Your Own Way Marshall Crenshaw + E Street Band
Why Don’t You Go Your Way Blue Swede
Why Don’t You do Right Bob Harrison
Do Right Tommy Conwell And The Young Rumblers
Fight For Your Right Beastie Boys (happy bday Ad Rock)
Brand New Flag Two Cow Garage
Can’t You Hear Them Howl Lucero
Forget Me Not Brian Fallon
Forget the Day The Muffs
Soon Forget Pearl Jam
How to Forget Jason Isbell
A Campfire Song 10,000 Maniacs (happy bday Natalie Merchant)
All Revved Up With No Place To Go Meat Loaf (happy bday Meat)
I Woke Up in New Orleans Lucero
Walking To New Orleans Fats Domino

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Anything, Anything Dramarama
Bach tocatta and fugue in d minor
happy halloween teddy boy Richard Russo Jr
It s Halloween The Shaggs
Halloween The Misfits
halloween head ryan adams
The Ballad Of Peter Pumkinhead (Edit) XTC
Punky Punkin’ Roy Rogers
2 big pumpkins Elvira
the devil’s rain and virgin witch radio spot
The Curse of the Hearse Terry Teene
whistling by the graveyard Tom Waits
Graveyard Leroy Bowman
Graveyard Rock Tarantula Goul
Laugh myself to the grave Satan’s Breed
Party Time (as heard in Return Of The Living Dead) – 45 Grave 45 Grave
mark of the devil radio spot
Haunted House Cris Kevin
The Monster Hop Bert Convy
Midnight Monsters Hop Jack And Jim
Igor’s Party Tony’s Monstrosities
lady frankenstein radio spot
At The House Of Frankenstein Big Bee Kornegay
Frankenstein Stomp Count Lorry and the Biters
Dinner With Drac Children of the night
Let’s Twist Again (Mummy Time Is Here) John Zacherle
Transylvania Twist Baron Daemon And The Vampires
Vampire Rock fabulous poodles
Dracula’s Daughter Screaming Lord Sutch
Werewolf Bar Mitzvah – FULL SONG Tracy morgan
Wolfman The Bobby Fuller Four
I’m The Wolfman Round Robin
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde The Emersons
dr jekyll and sister hide radio spot
Unattended in the Dungeon Mickey Dolenz
Corpse Grinder The Meteors
Zombie Zoo Tom Petty
horror of the zombies radio spot
I Walked With A Zombie R.E.M.
Train To Satanville Gin Gillette
Rock ‘N’ Roll Damnation ACDC (RIP George Young)

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Playlist fof 10/22/17 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
God Damn Rock & Roll The Cramps (happy bday Lux Interior)
I Don’t Wanna Rock n Roll Wesley Stace (happy bday Wes)
MMMBop Hanson (happy bday Zack Hanson)
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Crash Test Dummies
Taste It INXS
Taste so Good Low Cut Connie
Past Time The Baseball Project
I’m Keith Hernandez Seinfeld (happy bday Keith)
I’m The Man Joe Jackson
I’m Your Boogie Man KC And The Sunshine Band
I’m Coming Back Little Steven
School Cafeteria Weird Al Yankovic (happy bday Al)
Hospital Food David Gray
Take Me Down to the Hospital the Replacements (live 86)
Hospital Beds Cold War Kids
Hospital For Sinners The Wallflowers
The Sound of the Sinners The Clash
Sounds Of The City Lucero
Blame Canada Robin Williams
Fireworks (clean edit) The Tragically Hip (RIP Gord Downie)
Highway Girl The Tragically Hip
City Girl Tegan & Sara
Funnel of Love (45 at 33) Wanda Jackson (happy bday Wanda)
Johnny’s Theme [Tonight Show Theme] Paul Anka and Johnny Carson (happy bday Johnny)
Last Cigarette Dramarama
(You Gotta Walk) Don’t Look Back Peter Tosh (happy bday Peter)
quote goodbye quote Carolyne Mas (happy bday Carolyne)

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Anything, Anything Dramarama
John Oliver on Harvey Weinstein
I wanna be a producer Matthew Broderick
King Of Hollywood The Eagles
Power Drunk Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
you’ll be coming down Bruce Springsteen
End of the movie Cake
waitress in the sky (live maxwells) The Replacements
I Know what Boys Like The Waitresses
Stories For Boys U2
Horror Stories Matt Hartke
Mr. Crowley Ozzy Osbourne (happy bday Aliester Crowley)
Mz Hyde Halestorm (happy bday Lzzy)
Top Of The Pops The Smithereens (happy bday Pat Dinizo)
Straight to the Top Sammy Hagar (happy bday Sammy)
I’ve Done everything for you Rick Springfield
Dance The Night Away Van Halen (happy bday David Lee Roth)
Whatever Gets You Thru The Night John Lennon (happy bday John)
Gimme Some Truth Pearl Jam
Gimme Some Money Spinal Tap
Don’t Take The Money (Live at Lakehouse) Jack Antonoff (Bleachers)
Don’t Take Me For Granted Social Distortion
Stairway To Gilligan Little Roger and the Goosebumps (happy bday Dawn Wells0
The Devil And Maggie Chascarrillo Lucero
Devil Woman Cliff Richard (happy bday Cliff)
Evil Interpol
Evel Knievel Brad Davis (happy bday Evel)
I Need A Miracle (Live October 16, 1988) Grateful Dead (Happy bday Bob Weir)

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Anything, Anything MUSIC BED Dramarama
Anything, Anything That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Tom Petty with Tom Snyder 1981
Letting You Go Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Depot Street Mudcrutch
King’s Highway(Live) Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Straight Into Darkness (Live) Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Ways to Be Wicked (written Tom Petty) Lone Justice
I Can’t Fight It (Tom Petty Cover) The Textones (Kathy Valentine)
Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around Stevie Nicks with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Learning to Fly (Tom Petty Cover) The Weepies
You Got Lucky (tom petty cover) Gaslight Anthem
American Girl (Tom Petty Cover) Roger McGuinn Thunderbyrd
So You Want To Be A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star [Live] Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Any Way You Want It Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
I’m Not Your Stepping Stone (Beacon 5/20/13) boyce hart monkees cover Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Needles And Pins Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Blue Moon Of Kentucky Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Walk Away (written produced Tom Petty) Del Shannon
Tweeter and The Monkey Man (Beacon 5/26/13) Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Don’t Come Aorund Here No More(Tom Petty Cover) Jack Antonoff
The Waiting Eddie Vedder with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Lyric Workshop with Tom Petty The Simpsons
Refugee (Tom Petty Cover) Chipmunks
Change Of Heart Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
I Won’t Back Down (Tom Petty Cover) Johnny Cash
Built To Last Tom Petty
The Last DJ [Live] Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
End Of The Line Traveling Wilburys

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Playlist for 10/1/17 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
It’s a really big show tonight (anything version) The Kirby Stone Four with Ed Sullivan (happy bday Ed)
Centerfold J. Geils Band (RIP Hugh Hefner)
Staying Power (written neil sedaka) Barbi Benton
Playboy to a Man Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello
I’m the Playboy The Pyramids
the last of the international playboys (smiths cover) The Bent Back Tulips (dramarama)
Spent the Day in Bed Morrissey
Something’s Wrong with My Radio Stray Cats
Somethin’ Else Eddie Cochran (happy bday Eddie)
c’mon everybody U2
Everybody Lost Somebody Bleachers
Everybody Loves Me, Baby Don McLean (happy bday Don)
Honky Tonk Rock and Roll Piano Man Jerry Lee Lewis (happy bday Jerry)
Revolution Rock n Roll Low Cut Connie
Rockers and Rollers Brownsville Station (happy bday Cub Koda)
Whiskey Rock-A-Roller Lynyrd Skynyrd
Tonight Ain’t Gonna Be Good Lucero
How To Be Good Brijitte West And The Desperate Hopefuls
i’m against it Groucho (happy bday Groucho)
i’m against it Ramones
the ecumencial movement Crystal and Robin Bernard (happy bday Crystal Bernard)
The Calling The Killers
Moi Je Joue (Me, I Play) Brigitte Bardot (happy bday Brigitte)
The French Song Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
French Navy Camera Obscura
Lights, Camera, Action The Woggles
Piece Of Your Action Mötley Crüe
Roll The Dice The Vansaders
Nursery Rhymes Andrew Dice Clay (happy bday Dice)
Jack and Jill buck and a quarter Ter-Cels
No Dice Moon Martin
In My Dreams DOKKEN (happy bday George Lynch)
The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness The National

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PLAYLIST for 09/24/17 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
Another Rich Russo Day Terrible Tim
Another Lousy Day In Paradise The Knack
Spent the Day in Bed Morrissey
In the Day Girl In a Coma
I Just Can’t Be Happy Today The Damned
The Muppet Show Jim Henson And Sam Pottle (happy bday Jim)
Sesame Street Big Bird Sings about Mistakes
Born to Add Sesame Street
Frankie Fell In Love (2014-05-18, Uncasville, CT) Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band (happy bday Bruce)
Soulfire Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul
Soulmates To Strangers Joan Jett & The Blackhearts (happy bday Joan)
Don’t Be A Stranger The Rolling Stones
They Murdered the Clown (clean edit) Graham Parker & The Rumour (happy bday Stephen King)
“Kill A Clown (No, Not Really)” Mike Daly & The Planets
rock and roll clown Harpo
Lay It Down Clown The Replacements
Too Late Bash and Pop with Nicole Atkins
It May Be Too Late Lucero
Late Lost Stolen Mangled Misdirected The Suicide Commandos
Superman’s Song Crash Test Dummies (happy bday Christopher Reeve)
(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman The Kinks
Superman American Pinup
Superman R.E.M.
Resignation Superman Big Head Todd & The Monsters
Fun Blondie
You’re No Rock N’ Roll Fun Sleater-Kinney (happy bday Carrie Brownstein)
Glamour Stretcher Time Jack LaLanne (happy bday Jack)
That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Shaun Cassidy (happy bday Shaun)
All Revved Up With No Place To Go Meat Loaf (happy bday Meat)

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