April 20th is Record Store Day and I’ll be onstage at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ spinning some tunes for you to enjoy while you shop, i’ll be there from 10am-4pm (give or take) It will also mark the launch of the “as heard on anything anything” section in the store, that’ll feature all sorts of great music that i play on my show, including local bands that may not have distribution deals to get into Vintage Vinyl (which is the largest indie store on the east coast and one of the largest in the US). And I’ll buy your product upfront to display, so you don’t have to deal with consignment. If you have been played on my show and would like your music considered for the section, send me an email at and we’ll discuss. If you’d like your music to be considered for my show, you can mail it to:

Rich Russo
c/o The Anything Anything Radio Empire
PO BOX 765
Cranford NJ 07016

Or you can hand deliver it to me at Vintage Vinyl on April 20th while I’m there…

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