Download The Free Sampler From Sargent House Records

For the second year in a row, Sargent House and Rodriguez Lopez Productions have a free sampler of their roster’s music. This is a perfect opportunity to check out new tunes from some very exciting bands. Sargent House is home to musicians like Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta and At The Drive-In, so you can expect to hear loud and experimental music all around. Artists like Hella, Le Butcherettes, Zechs Marquise, and Boris are relatively unknown, but this free release might gain them some more fans.

Here’s the tracklist.


Russian Circles – Mladek  (Empros)
Le Butcherettes – New York  (Sin, Sin, Sin)
Gypsyblood – Take Your Picture (Cold In The Guestway)
Adebisi Shank – Genki Shank (This Is the Second Album of A Band..)
Boris – Hope (New Album)
Tera Melos – Frozen Zoo (Patagonian Rats)
ME & LP – Bonnie Says (Chez Raymond)
Good Old War – Get Some (Self Titled)
Hella – Yubacore (Tripper)
Boris – Riot Sugar (Heavy Rocks 2011)
Zechs Marquise – Everlasting Beacon Of Light (Getting Paid)

Download the album for free here.

Check out “Hope” by Boris, for a preview of the sampler.


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Björk & Dirty Projectors’ Mount Wittenberg Orca Gets A Label Release

While Mount Wittenberg Orca was quietly self-released in digital format in 2010, the EP finally received a CD and vinyl release this week, through Domino Records. Last year, the musical partnership between Björk and Dirty Projectors was something no one really expected. But it just makes sense. They both create unconventional music with unique vocals that pushes boundaries. Take Björk’s Medulla, and Dirty Projectors’ The Getty Address for example. You won’t hear anything like them. Put the two together and you get something truly special. Perhaps because of its official label release, Mount Wittenberg Orca will draw more attention this time around.

Check out “On and Ever Onward” from Mount Wittenberg Orca.


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The Stone Roses To Reunite In 2012

The Stone Roses, one album legends of modern UK rock, are reuniting for two shows at Manchester’s Heaton Park, on June 29 and 30. A 2012 world tour will be announced soon. More details can be found over at their website.


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The Watchmakers Make Music Less Misanthropic, More Catchy

The Watchmakers latest release, The Misanthrope, is a cordial piece of pop-rock as scatterbrained as it is instrumentally- catchy. This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily.

The very first track, “Re: Split My Side,” front-loads the entire affair with the albums best track. It’s a catchy, sharp song with hooks to spare and every member on-point and tight. The album remains tight up to about the halfway mark when you can feel the band loosening up. For some bands this could be a good thing; but in this instance them getting loose means they start getting a bit sloppy.

Instrumentation is still tight, but you get the feeling that this would have made a better EP than a full-album. The whole middle of the album feels like filler between an excellent front and book-end.

But good news for you is the album is FREE to download over at Bandcamp, so even if you like one song, The Watchmakers win.


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Download The Dualies’ “Handclaps And Zaps EP” For FREE

A few weeks ago I featured The Dualies’ recent EP, Handclaps And Zaps, on an episode of the podcast and it’s no wonder why I wanted to give them every little bit of exposure I could. This EP is a slice of synthpop levity sent to give you a casual respite from what you’re probably used to listening to on your lunchbreak.

These three songs hearken back to the height of mid-90s synthpop. A niche reference to be sure, but one that has it’s place and shines with a luster better than most for those in the mood for it.

The sound of dusty synth and breathy vocals do blend each song together well. While this would be terribly repetitive on a full LP, the fact that it’s only three tracks serves this set well as it is wonderfully charming; it hits fast, gives you something fresh, then leaves you wanting more.

Download Handclaps and Zaps

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Gorillaz To Release Greatest Hits Collection

While the Gorillaz have grown to be, to some, just as important as Damon Albarn’s original band, Blur, they haven’t been quite as consistent. An upcoming Greatest Hits set could be just what the doctor ordered.

According to Pitchfork:

On November 29 in the U.S. and November 28 in the UK, Virgin/Parlophone will release a greatest hits collection from Gorillaz, including singles, videos, and remixes from the entire career of Damon Albarn’s animated group. The Singles Collection: 2001-2011 will include fifteen tracks and be released on CD, CD/DVD, and vinyl. A limited edition 7″ box set will also be released.

The tracklisting is as follows:

01 Tomorrow Comes Today
02 Clint Eastwood
03 19-2000
04 Rock the House
05 Feel Good Inc
07 Dirty Harry
08 Kids With Guns
09 El Manana
10 Stylo
11 Superfast Jellyfish
12 On Melancholy Hill
13 Doncamatic
14 Clint Eastwood (Ed Case & Sweetie Irie Refix)
15 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)

Via Pitchfork

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Watch The New Music Video From Ty Segall

Here’s the video for Ty Segall’s “Goodbye Bread”, from this year’s album of the same name. The Matt Yoka-directed clip is pretty trippy and keeps zooming out at a big, hipster party. So take the trippiness and weigh that against whatever your tolerance of hipsters is.


Via Pitchfork

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Watch Radiohead On The Colbert Report

Last night, media gadfly and television host Stephen Colbert played host to the band Radiohead; making a big spectacle and joke of the fact that they have jumped off the corporate grid these past few years by showing copious plugs for Dr. Pepper, touting it as “The official softdrink of Radiohead.”

The whole gang had a good laugh about it and went on to perform a few songs and talk about global warming.

Catch two clips below and click here to see the entire episode.

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R.E.M. To Release Greatest Hits Set This November

The recently-disbanded R.E.M. are going out on top and on their own terms, the icing on the cake being a career-spanning Greatest Hits set titled Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage: 1982-2011.

According to Pitchfork:

Part Lies will made up of 40 tracks on two discs, collecting tracks from the band’s releases on both IRS Records and Warner Bros. Records. It will include three tracks recorded after the release of their last album, Collapse Into Now: “A Month of Saturdays”, “We All Go Back to Where We Belong” and “Hallelujah”. They were recorded this summer in Athens, Georgia with Accelerate/Collapse Into Now producer Jacknife Lee.

The compilation will be released November 15th through Warner Bros. The complete tracklist is below:

Disc 1:

01 Gardening at Night
02 Radio Free Europe
03 Talk About the Passion
04 Sitting Still
05 So. Central Rain
06 (Don’t Go Back to) Rockville
07 Driver 8
08 Life and How to Live It
09 Begin the Begin
10 Fall on Me
11 Finest Worksong
12 Its the End of the World as We Know it (and I Feel Fine)
13 The One I Love
14 Stand
15 Pop Song 89
16 Get Up
17 Orange Crush
18 Losing My Religion
19 Country Feedback
20 Shiny Happy People

Disc 2

01 The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
02 Everybody Hurts
03 Man on the Moon
04 Nightswimming
05 Whats the Frequency, Kenneth?
06 New Test Leper
07 Electrolite
08 At My Most Beautiful
09 The Great Beyond
10 Imitation of Life
11 Bad Day
12 Leaving New York
13 Living Well Is the Best Revenge
14 Supernatural Superserious
15 Überlin
16 Oh My Heart
17 Alligator_Aviator_Autopilot_Antimatter
18 A Month of Saturdays
19 We All Go Back to Where We Belong
20 Hallelujah


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Listen To Rich Discuss ‘Anything, Anything’ Today On WFMU

Pic by Dave Giordano of

At 3pm today, Rich will be on the legendary WFMU (91.1fm) playing records and announcing the new home of Anything, Anything.

From WFMU:

Rich Russo “Anything Anything” 
Wednesday, September 14th, 3pm – 6pm on Irwin’s show 
Rich Russo, host of the commercial free-form music show “Anything Anything,” which aired on the now-defunct WRXP on Sunday nights in New York, will be Irwin’s on-air guest Wednesday afternoon, September 14. Despite its unpredictable mix of genre-surfing, “Anything Anything” was a ratings success on a station with an ill-fated format. Russo is currently stringing together a loose network of affiliates to revive “Anything Anything” simultaneously on both commercial and non-commercial outlets. An admitted admirer of WFMU (with the t-shirts to prove it), Russo got away with airing scratchy vinyl, warped cassettes, and audio ripped from VHS tapes on a commercial rock station. He’ll talk about the rise and fall of WRXP’s “New York rock experience” and about his new venture.

That’s right! bossman is going to announce what stations he’ll be on… on a station that isn’t even going to carry it (crazy)!

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