NEW! Plastiq Passion “I Can’t Wait” Video

If you know the folklore of my show, you know the story of Plastiq Passion. For those who don’t, here’s it in a nutshell…Plastiq Passion, sends me a CD, I loved it. I go to see them at a bar on Staten Island to see how they are live, they are scheduled at 10pm, by 2am they hadn’t gone on yet, same with Terrible Tim who was scheduled at 9pm. I am mortified that bands are treated this way.

Because of that, I start my own events on Staten Island, Plastiq Passion plays them, which leads to events in Jersey, they play those too. which leads to events in NYC, and they play those. They also play one of my anniversary shows with Dramarama and Girl in a Coma. I guess you can say they are the house band of Anything Anything. But they are more than that, they are hard working and one of the best unsigned bands this area has to offer. The first song i ever played by them on my show was the demo of “I Can’t Wait”, they since re-recorded it and have made a nifty new video for it…here it is…enjoy..

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