It’s really Bad Karma to buy music on Amazon…please stop! I’ll give you a free T-Shirt!

I’m really bothered about and the $3.99 album deals they do. I feel it’s ruining what’s left of the independent Record Stores and when I see some of my favorite artists get involved and promote this, it really makes me scratch my head.

It’s not the record store’s fault that people stopped buying CD’s. It’s the labels that caused that years back, they are the ones who made CD’s an $18.98 list price although it cost them half of what it cost to produce vinyl or cassette. and also that price was even more than Hollywood was charging for movies on DVD!.

It’s the labels who not only gave discounts to the big chains but also gave them exclusive content to drive people away from the independent store into the big box stores. I mean why buy a CD at the little guy for say $12 or $13 when you could go to the big box store and get that CD for $9.99 with added tracks?

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