PLAYLIST 05/31/09

Anything Anything DRAMARAMA
Brut Commercial with Joe Namath (happy bday broadway joe)
Rock Hard SUZI QUATRO (happy bday Suzi)
Complete Control (live Bonds, NYC may-june 1981) CLASH (happy bday topper headon)
Neighbours ROLLING STONES (happy bday charlie watts)
Speedy Gonzales PAT BOONE (happy bday pat)
Dinero TEXAS TORNADOS (happy bday freddy fender and augie meyers)
Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time KRAYOLAS (unsigned San Antonio)
Working on the Highway (live Giants Stadium August 1985) BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND THE E STREET BAND
California Stars WILCO with BILLY BRAGG (RIP Jay Bennett)
Fishing Hole and Young-un speech ANDY GRIFFITH (happy bday andy)
I saw it on tv JOHN FOGERTY (happy bday john)
Stairway to Gilligan’s Island LITTLE ROGER and THE GOOSEBUMPS (happy bday john bonham)
Nitrous Oxide High TERRIBLE TIM (unsigned Staten Island)
Coma Politik THEODORE GRIMM (unsigned New Jersey)
Dirty Harry clips (happy bday clint eastwood)
My back door MELISSA ETHERIDGE (happy bday melissa)
I am your radio BOSS MARTIANS
Radio Soul FLIP CITY (original version of radio radio featuring Elvis Costello)
First time BEGGARS GUILD (unsigned Atlanta)
Too much time PHOEBE BLUE (unsigned Staten Island)
Santa Cruz PEARL JAM
What do all the people know MONROES (happy bday marilyn monroe)
What do all the people know MONROES (played again cause greg missed it while in men’s room and really wanted to hear it)
We gotta get out of here IAN HUNTER (happy bday ian)

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