PLAYLIST for 3-10-19 and OnDemand Player

Anything Anything Dramarama
Beverly Hills Weezer
Heaven 90210 Urge Overkill (RIP Luke Perry)
High School Nights Dave Edmunds
High School (mc5 cover) The Minus 5
Rock ‘n’ Roll The Runaways
Rock N Roll Band Boston (happy bday Tom Scholz)
rock and roll letter Bay City Rollers
Rock and Roll Love Affair Prince
Family Affair (Single Version) Sly & The Family Stone
Family Affair Intro and Theme (US Version)
Family Affair Season 1 Aunt Fran Returns
Buffy Come Back Angel and the Reruns (happy bday Anissa Jones)
Come Back The J. Geils Band (happy bday Peter Wolf)
All That You Have Is Your Soul Tracy Chapman
You Had Your Soul with you The National
Sister Lost Soul Alejandro Escovedo
a little bit of soul Ramones
Heart Full Of Soul Rush
Soul Deep Gary U.S. Bonds
Soul Surrender The Longshot
My Soul’s Got Wings John Mellencamp Feat. Carlene Carter
Soul Driver Bruce Springsteen
Appreciating Classical Music Ron Jeremy (happy bday Ron)
Nothing Civil Jeremy & The Harlequins
Better Than Nothing Jennifer Trynin
Not For Nothing Prima Donna
Not For You Pearl Jam
L. Ron Hubbard explains Christianity (happy bday L Ron)
Run Samson Run Neil Sedaka (happy bday Neil)
King Kong Soupy Sales (RIP King Kong Bundy)
If She Knew What She Wants The Bangles (happy bday Jules Shear)
If We Never Meet Again Tommy Conwell And The Young Rumblers

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