PLAYLIST for 12/25/16 and Mixcloud Player

Christmas Christmas George Beverly Shea
Power of Christmas/Remember who’s Birthday it Is  US Senator Frank Carlson
Don’t Forget The Christ In Christmas Bob Shaw
Put Jesus In Your Christmas  Crazy
Goin’ up to Bethlehem (CCR Parody)  Bob Rivers
Away In A Manger  Paul Westerberg
Happy Birthday Jesus  Mike Douglas
happy Birthday Jesus  Little Cindy
Happy Birthday Jesus  Russ Tolman & The North Poleman
Jesus Christ  Teenage Fanclub
Christmas in the Stars  Star Wars
Christmas on the Moon  Troy Hess
Christmas in Heaven  Monty Python
1st Athiest Tabernacle Choir  Spitting Image
Don’t Believe in Christmas  Pearl Jam
merry something to you  Devo
Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas  Captain Kangaroo & Mr. Green Jeans
Merry Christmas   Mr. Garrison – South Park
merry F#%$^&# xmas Denis Leary
Nothing for Me  The Muffs
Pony in My Stocking  Liz Anderson and the Snowflakes
Merry Christmas (where’s my Pony) John Eddie
The Hat I Got For Christmas Is Too Beeg  Mel Blanc
Christmas Doll  Jim Eanes
Mrs. Beasley   Gipp Forster
I Got a Lot of Toys for Christmas  The Sterilles
Sex toys for Christmas  Vegas Demilo
Christmas Time for the Jews  Darlene Love
Lonely Jew On Christmas  Kyle from south Park
eight days (hannukah)Jon Caspi
I wanna be your dreidel (ramones parody hanukkah)  Emotional
XMAS LINER Ben Stiller Holiday Message  Ben Stiller
Chanukah Honey (Santa Baby Parody)  Rachel Bloom
Hanukahh Rocks   Gefilte Joe and the fish
i dreamt i dreamt of gefilte fish  Punsters
The Rocky Hora Chanukah Song  The Schlomones
Merry Christmas Baby Del Lords (Live 2016 Beast of Bourbon)
Cocktails With Santa  Tuff Darts
Drinkin Up xmas  Blag Dahlia
We’re Going to Hell  Brandon Flowers Bono, Kimmel etc


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