Playlist for 12/22/19 and OnDemand Player

christmas christmas george beverly shea
A merry merry christmas to you Art Mooney and His Orchestra
happy birthday jesus Little Cindy/Russ Tolman and the North Polemen
Happy Birthday Jesus Mike Douglas
It’s Christmas Time The O.D. Girls and Boys
it’s snowing and it’s christmas time Pam Norton
the White World of Winter Bing Crosby
Jake the Flake Bobby Star
Come On To The Christmas Party the Snowballs (J Geils Band)
XMAS LINER Christmas banned in the workplace Mad TV
merry something to you Devo
Don’t Wish me a merry Christmas Lynn Anderson
Christmakwanzakah The Dan Band
Hanukahh Rocks Gefilte Joe and the fish
Dreidels of Fire Adam Green
Santa Won’t Be Blue This Christmas Jimmy Charles
Indian Santa Claus Lorene Mann
Pancho Claus Jose Gonzales-Gonzales
The Hat I Got For Christmas Is Too Beeg Mel Blanc
santa’s got a mullet Nerf herder
Santa’s Rockabilly Christmas Slim Thompson and the Fat Cats
Rockabilly Christmas Slim Jim Phantom
Monster Holiday Lon Chaney Jr.
Who Say There Ain’t No Santa Claus Ron Holden
The Man with a Hundred Names Mike Whorf
Dear Santa new version Jackknife Stiletto
Trim Your Tree Jimmy Butler
tiny tree xmas Guster
Piney the tiny little Christmas Tree Jack Rousseau and the Nightwinds
outsourcing elves Jessica Delfino
I’m a Little Elf Marilyn Ford (13 years old)
elvin the little black elf The Classmen
Shadrack, The Black Reindeer 1 Loretta Lynn
Donner and Blitzen Rob Halford
Merry Christmas (Callendar-Murray) The Next of Kin
Fred Sanford sings The Christmas Song Redd Foxx with Herb Ellis on Guitar
There’s Trouble Brewin’ (xmas song) Jack Scott
Let’s Get it Together this Christmas Harvey Averne Band

12/15 Playlist:

Christmas Christmas (short) Cheap Trick
Christmas Time (Is Here Again) Dramarama
Christmas Is My Fav’rite Time Of Year Fred Flintstone
Xmas Time of the Year Green Day
Gimme Christmas Prima Donna
Father Christmas kinks cover Letters to Cleo
Shouldn’t Have Given him a gun for Christmas Wall Of Voodoo
Christmas Story Blues Christmas Groove
Santa’s going south for Christmas Sammy Hagar
I Want the South to Win the War for Christmas Spike Jones
A Po Folks Christmas Bill Anderson
Christmas In The Poor House Luther Lackey
Barefoot Santa Claus Sonny James
santa’s got a mullet Nerf herder
Good King Wenceslas William Shatner
No More Toymakers to the King [from Santa Claus is Coming to Town] Paul Frees
I Got a Lot of Toys for Christmas Sterilles, The
sex toys for christmas Vegas Demilo
Get Off Of My Roof Jerry and the Lanslides
Comin Down the Chimney Little Tootsie and Sonny Bono
When the Fat Guy tries the Chimney on for size Rodney Crowell
Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney (Upside Down) The Rusch Sisters
Santa’s Too Fat For The Hula Hoop Pixies with Thrul Ravenscroft
Jolly Fat Man Tony Sacco
the Jolliest Fat man (Christmas Song) Lenny and Squiggy
Christmas Butt (clean edit) Puss N Boots (Norah Jones, Catherine Popper, Sasha Dobson)
Twisting Santa Claus Del Reeves
Merry Twistmas Jay Matty
Santa Teach me to dance Debbie and the Darnels
An Old Fashioned Christmas Daddy’s Home Linda Bennett
Patrick Swayze Christmas (edit) Mystery Science Theatre 3000
I’m Picking Fights for Christmas Doyle O’Dell
Jingle Jangle the Rockfield Chorale
Unwrap you at Christmas the Monkees
Hey Mr Christmas Showaddyaddy

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