PLAYLIST for 1/20/19 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
LINER OPEN It’s a really big show tonight (anything version)
The Freedom Train Benny Goodman, Peggy Lee, Johnny Mercer, Margaret Whiting & The Pied Pipers
Land of the Free The Killers
That’s What Makes Us Great Joe Grushecky with Bruce Springsteen
You’re so Great Wendy James (happy bday Wendy)
Never Tear Us Apart (inxs) The Horrible Crowes
Original Sin INXS (happy bday Michael Hutchence)
Living In Sin Prima Donna (happy bday Kevin Preston)
Living On The Edge Of The World Bruce Springsteen
The Week Of Living Dangerously Steve Earle (happy bday Steve)
Dangerous Moon Martin
Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) Robert Palmer (happy bday Robert)
Seen The Doctor (PG Version) Michael Penn
Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor Black Sabbath
I Believe In Music Mac Davis (happy bday Mac)
I Believe R.E.M.
I Believe In Miracles Pearl Jam
it’s a miracle The Little Angels
Miracle Foo Fighters (happy bday Dave Grohl)
I Ain’t No Miracle Worker The Brogues (Merced/Modesto)
Louisiana Rain Tom Petty
Louisiana Cajun Rock Band Carol Channing and Jimmy C Newman (RIP Carol)
Hillybilly Band Johnny Wright
Travelin’ Band The Knack
Lord Byron’s Luggage Warren Zevon (happy bday Warren and Lord Byron)
The Magic Suitcase Carbon/Silicon
Wishing On Telstar Susanna Hoffs (happy bday Susanna)
Wheel In The Sky Journey (happy bday Steve Perry)

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