PLAYLIST 11/15/09

Anything Anything (exclusive soundwaves slow version) DRAMARAMA
Lightning Strikes AEROSMITH without JOE PERRY!!
Draw the Line DAVID GRAY
Can’t Get a Line OLD 97’s
Convoy CW MCCALL (happy bday CW)
Dance the Slurp 7-ELEVEN PROMO 45 (R.I.P. Tom Merriman, jingle writing king)
Brotherman Bill TERRIBLE TIM (unsigned Staten Island)
Radio BILLY (unsigned New Brunswick)
Exhuming McCarthy REM (happy bday Joe McCarthy)
Moon River REM (happy bday Johnny Mercer)
John Easdale talks about the song Anything Anything
Blue Suede Shoes (soundwaves live version) DRAMARAMA
Spendid Isolation WARREN ZEVON (happy bday Georgia O’Keefe)
Born to Add SESAME STREET (happy anniversary Sesame Street)
The Rock Show BLINK 182 (happy bday Travis Barker and Janine Lindemulder)
And then she kissed me (live 1975) BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND E STREET BAND
I know something’s going on FRIDA (happy bday Frida)
Subway A.R.E. WEAPONS (unsigned NYC)
No Holding Back GRAHAM PARKER (happy bday Graham)
Fake Friends JOAN JETT
Canivor UNCLE FREAK (unsigned New Jersey)
World on a String NEIL YOUNG (happy bday Neil)
Across the Tracks NILS LOFGREN
The Fixer (live austin city limits) PEARL JAM (happy bday randy blutarsky)
Let’s go, Let’s go, Let’s go HANK BALLARD (happy bday Hank)

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