PLAYLIST 12/05/10

Anything Anything DRAMARAMA

Woody Allen (happy bday woody)

Elaine SMITHEREENS (RIP Elaine Kaufman)

Keep a Knockin LITTLE RICHARD (happy bday Little Richard)

Knockin on mine PAUL WESTERBERG

One more night to rock SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY (happy bday Southside)The One PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART (NYC)

Promised Land (live stone pony) BRANDON FLOWERS

Outside looking in BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN

Depression Times RODEO QUEENS (World Premiere)

New York is a Christmas kind of town MARAH

Christmas don’t be late TEGAN AND SARA


The Difference WALLFLOWERS

Pretty Persusion REM (happy bday Peter Buck)


Rock me gentry ANDY KIM (happy bday Andy)

Flying high again OZZY (happy bday Ozzy and Randy)

Underdog SPOON (Congrats DAPS)

Turn it up MAN RAZE (happy bday Phil Collen)

Come Alive JANELLE MORAE (happy bday Janelle)

Who put the bomp TED KNIGHT (happy bday Ted)

I won’t grow up FOOLS (happy bday Mary Martin)

Growing up (live Holmdel 2003) PEARL JAM

Suicide Ink STRAWBERRY JAM (Unsigned NJ)

Depression Times RODEO QUEENS

Blah blah blah ELEVATOR ART (Unsigned NJ)

Festival of Lights GANGSTA RABBI

Hold on TOM WAITS (happy bday Tom

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