Parenthetical Girls – A Note To Self

Parenthetical Girls is a relatively unknown experimental indie pop band out of the West Coast. Their music is akin to acts like Xiu Xiu, Dirty Projectors and even The Smiths. They’ve recently released their latest single “A Note To Self,” which can be streamed below. It’s a sample of whats to come, as the band prepares to put out their new EP, Privilege pt. IV: Sympathy For Spastics on November 1st

If you like what you hear, you can pre-order Privilege pt. IV: Sympathy For Spastics on the Parenthetical Girls website. Band member Amber Smith will personally hand number all 500 physical copies of the album, with her own blood. That’s some very strange dedication. But Parenthetical Girls embrace the strange. Just watch their unconventional video for “Careful Who You Dance With.” Weird is a good thing.


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