Never Forget 9/11/2001

I’ve been asked alot over the last few weeks if i had a 9/11 playlist, which is kinda uncomfortable, i think of playlists as something creative and happy. Nothing surrounding any anniversary of 9/11 could ever be that. The tragedy of that day as well as the political missteps that followed it (and some believe preceded it) can never be erased and we’ll never heal from it. Music is the great healer but in this case only serves as a reminder of that day, nothing more.

There are a few songs that i’d like to share with you that i will be listening to over the next few days as i reflect on the tragedy that, in order, tell a story, and all written by New Jersey songwriters. The videos are below of each song and a description of it, with the exception of the first one which is available as a stream or download

GROUND ZERO by 68AD, tells the story of the panic of finding a loved one amidst the tragedy of the attacks, featuring this verse that really hits hard

“and i watched the news with a poisoned hate, for justice to this day i still wait,
so i’ll just say thanks to all of you who did brave things i didn’t do”

YOU’RE MISSING by BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND THE E STREET BAND, in the midst of one of our country’s worst tragedies, arguably our greatest songwriter steps up with a song that still gives me chills every time i hear it, no song has ever put the loss of a loved one in the frame that Bruce does here. the following lyric hits harder than anything i’ve ever heard especially when i think of that day as i drove through my neighborhood and realized that some of the kids who lived near me parents might not come home and never were found.

“Pictures on the nightstand, TV’s on in the den
Your house is waiting, your house is waiting
For you to walk in, for you to walk in
But you’re missing, you’re missing”

I FEEL WEIRD by STEEL TRAIN in a performance on my radio show, which is one of my favorite performances on the show. the song tells a story 5 years down the road after losing a loved one in the tragedy, the narrator of the song is able to move on, or at least he hopes so. the first two verses tell the story

“When I was eighteen everything was alive
Then the planes hit the towers
Then she died, then he died
A part of me disappeared six feet in the ground
Million miles in the sky a fire burns,
A fire burns, a fire burns and it is mine

And I did what I did
What we did to survive
Five whole years of my life I spent mourning you and why?
Girl you’re still alive
You’re too dead to keep inside
You take the years, you keep it all,
I finally think I might be alright”

I AM A PATRIOT by PEARL JAM in this live clip from Uniondale, NY, Eddie and the band gives what i believe is the best version of the song written by Steven Van Zandt. As the talk radio and fox news jackasses turned 9/11 into a ratings and fear mongering bonanza making a tragedy a political football and money making entity, this song although written well before the tragedy, is a call to throw out the political jockeying that goes on in the country and not be judged by the party lines, but to embrace the freedom we are blessed with.

“And I ain’t no communist,
And I ain’t no socialist,
And I ain’t no capitalist,
And I ain’t no imperialist,
And I ain’t no democrat,
Sure ain’t no republican either,
I only know one party,
And that is freedom.”

Hopefully these songs will put the tragedy in some perspective for you and if you’re like me you’ll think of the day and those we lost, and hopefully live your life to the fullest while having respect and compassion for your fellow humans. if you’d like to support a charity for 9/11 and beyond, i recommend tuesday’s children for those who lost loved ones that day, go here and learn more

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    Great work my friend…as always.

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