Monologue from Opening 08/05/12 “Gore Vidal, Psycho Chicken, Everything is Broken”

On the radio shows sunday, it was the first time that i’ve done the same intro and opening songs across both stations, i felt it was important and worth repeating here too…especially with all of the emails i received about the opening…

and more so with Gore Vidal dying and the Chick-Fil-a Drama, i really couldn’t have done anything but open with an Gore Vidal interview where he is dismantling the Christian faith, saying they portray God as a blackmailer. into some weird song called God made the Chickens into Psycho Chicken, into my monologue about it all, into Dylan’s Everything is Broken….

you can read the transcript of my monologue below and listen to the segment from Gore’s Interview thru the beginning of the Dylan song here…

welcome to anything anything, I’m rich russo,

this is your weekly two hour, ass kicking band breaking, genre busting, multi station eargasmic free form radio extravanganza broadcasting in New jersey,

and what the hell is going on in this country….and like anything else it all comes down to religion and the skewed interpretation of peoples beliefs of things written thousands of years ago,

gore vidal passed away this past week, a great writer and thinker, we heard his philosophies on the Christian faith which in essence portraying god as a blackmailer. A fascinating take on it and then we launched into god made the chickens by snack music into the inevetible psycho chicken by the fools,

and this whole chicken thing is baffling, disturbing and a sad representation of where this country is right now for tolerance and human rights.

The Christian belief based on John 1:9 in the bible promises that if you confess your sins, “that He is faithful to forgive and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.”

Note: This includes ALL sin,

Psalm 103:12 also promises, “As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.”

So that being said…..

why does anyone care in the Christian faith care what other people do with their lives? if anyone sins they can ask for forgiveness, it’s not the Christian faith’s mission to determine WHAT is a sin, their mission is to let everyone know what they believe in as a God, offers you an UNCONDITIONAL opportunity to be forgiven for anything you do.

This whole chick-fil-a saga is not about freedom of speech, it’s about the support of organizations that want to suppress other people’s right to the life they choose.
if any organization or business, supports the KKK or a Neo- Nazi foundation, or something against women’s rights, or anything that hinders the lifestyle of a gender, or nationality or beliefs of another human’s rights, it is something they deserve to be called out on….

and in those situations they always are. this situation is the same, yes, this is comparable to women’s suffrage in the early part of the last century, and the communist witch hunts and racial segregation of the 60’s.

It is.

And this isn’t solely about same sex marriages, it’s much more than that.

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In this country, in 29 states, someone can actually be fired or not hired for being gay or transgender.

Yeah that’s true.

There are actually countries where being gay is illegal with the penalty of life imprisonment or even death.

Chick-fil-a has supported organizations that are pushing for the criminalization of someone being gay as well as organizations that support “trying to fix gays”

If this sort of thing went on against any other minority group, you wouldn’t have people in line buying sandwiches, there would be FOR RENT signs in the window.

The chick-fil-a people and Mike Huckebee have the right to believe in whatever they want, they can spend their time and money any way they choose. They have that freedom..

but they also now walk the line with those who mistreated women, blacks, jews, or any other nationality, religion or gender that’s been peresuceuted in this country…

which ironically this country began as a group of people leaving England because they were persecuted for their beliefs.

I understand that all Christians do not hold these extremist beliefs but sadly they get lumped in with the ones that do, because if you do NOTHING you are in essence doing SOMETHING.

As we head into another election year, with the country getting worse and worse and more divided on everything, and lobbyists and superpacs making decisions for us and making our votes less important, I could only think of one song to sum this all up…

Here’s Bob Dylan, Everything is Broken on anything anything

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