This sunday night. 4 hours of free-form blood curdling zombie killing bone chilling mayhem coming to your radio dial..

you can listen at 9pm on 107.1 The Peak (stream at www.1071thepeak.com) and at 11pm on 105.5 WDHA (stream at www.wdhafm.com) or via the tune-in radio app for iphone and android

Both shows will be different, but the theme is the same, ghosts, goblins, zombies, vampires, death and the devil as we celebrate the Devil’s Holiday.

Here’s a little bit of info, did you know my theme song is part of horror movie folklore? Anything Anything by Dramarama was in the movie NIGHTMARE on ELM STREET 4, in two key scenes, including the pivotal Alice gets her Power Scene (yes i typed that with a straight face, as if the 4th installment of any horror film would have a pivotal scene, considering the main villian never dies anyway) you can watch that scene here

and there was also a 45 record with a Freddy Picture sleeve which is quite rare..here’s a pic of it:

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