Playlist for 04/08/18 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
Sinning on Sunday Night ‘Cile Turner
Another Girl, Another Planet The Replacements
Sweet Endeavour Peter Perrett (happy bday Peter)
Sweet Neo-Con The Rolling Stones
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) Marvin Gaye (happy bday Marvin)
Let’s Get Married Bleachers
pied piper Crispian St Peters (happy bday Crispian)
Follow You Glen Burtnick (happy bday Glen)
Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) The Hollies (happy bday Allan Clarke)
Red Dress Robert Plant
Stairway To Gilligan Little Roger and the Goosebumps (happy bday Peter grant)
Prove It All Night Bruce Springsteen
Sound the Alarm Prima Donna
Seen The Doctor Michael Penn
Doctor’s Orders Carol Douglas (happy bday Carol)
Nineteen Hereafter Musical
Vinnie Favale in Studio
Absolutely Sweet Marie Bob Dylan
Beverly Low Cut Connie
Vinnie Favale in Studio
Shine (feat. Stoneman Douglas Drama) Sawyer Garrity & Andrea Peña
Conventional Wisdom (edit) Built To Spill
Vinnie Favale in Studio
Judy The dB’s
Angie Gov’t Mule (happy bday Warren Haynes)
Awful Dentist
Vinnie Favale in Studio
So Central Rain REM

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Playlist for 04/01/2018 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
Easter Parade Liberace
Happy Easter Funny Bunny Easter Gang
i want to be an Easter Bunny Singing Reindeer
I want to go to the Easter Bunny Disco Kristi
Easter Yeggs Bugs Bunny
Mr Rabbit Paul Westerberg
I Knew Jesus (Before He Was a Star) Glen Campbell
Jesus Is Coming John Eddie
Resurrection Burnt Youth
How A Resurrection Really Feels The Hold Steady
1200 Hamburgers to Go Don Imus
I’m a Hotrodder Jay Jay Imus and Freddy Ford (Don and Fred Imus)
Play That Country JukeBox Don Imus
Jukebox (Don’t Put Another Dime) The Flirts
Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing Mike Ness (happy bday Mike)
Beverly Low Cut Connie
Alfie’s Song (not so typical love song) Bleachers (happy bday Jack)
Love From Above Prima Donna
Love Hangover Diana Ross (happy bday Diana)
Weekend Bender The Holograms
waiting for the weekend The Vapors
About the Weekend Jellybricks
Nights and Weekends Lowlight
Weekend The Dictators
Me and My Vibrator Caroline & The Treats (happy bday Dr Demento)
Baby, Baby The Vibrators
Baby Baby The Velveteens
Baby Blue (Live) Rick Springfield
Blue Boy Dragnet Jack Webb (happy bday Jack)
Congratulations (on your Hallucinations) John Wesley Harding
Take Me Out to The Ballgame Bruce Springstone
Orange Crush R.E.M. (RIP Rusty Staub, Le Grand Orange)
Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Ole Oak Tree Tony Orlando & Dawn (happy bday Tony)
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (clean edit) Monty Python’s Flying Circus (Happy bday Eric Idle)

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Playlist for 03/25/18 and OnDemand player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
LINER The Man Called Russo John McCarthy
Time Of The Season Big Blue Missile & Scott Weiland
Snowman Diane Ray
Abominable Snowman in the Market Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
Snow Bunny Mangus T Cook & Oath of Sound
Snow Day The Side Streets
Snowed In The Battery Electric
Welcome To My Nightmare Alice Cooper
Recurring Nightmare Prima Donna
Nightmares John Lowell
I Like Nightmares The Who
Little Nightmares Brian Fallon
Little George (got the Hiccups) Anita Bryant (happy bday Anita)
George (clean edit) Brinsley Schwarz (happy bday Brinsley)
American Squirm Nick Lowe (happy bday Nick)
Cruel To Be Kind Letters To Cleo
I Knew The Bride (when she used to rock and roll) The Knack
Cracking Up Tom Petty
Beverly Low Cut Connie
Eureka The Hold Steady
where it’s at Leonard Nimoy (happy bday Leonard)
Common People William Shatner (happy bday William)
We’re Not Gonna Take It Twisted Sister
All the Kids on the Street The Hollywood Stars
Kids Don’t Follow The Replacements
Changes (David Bowie Cover) The Muffs
Shine (feat. Stoneman Douglas Drama) Sawyer Garrity & Andrea Peña
Electioneering Radiohead
Russian Spy And I Hunters
Private Investigations Dire Straits
Private Eyes Hall & Oates

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Playlist for 3/18/18 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
St Patrick’s Day Parade Bing Crosby
The Leprachaun Barry O’Dowd and the Shamrock Singers
Sham Rock Royal Teens
Peg O’ My Heart Dropkick Murphys
Irish Exit Butch Walker
Deny The Clash
Can’t Deny Me Pearl Jam
Can’t Deny My Love Brandon Flowers
Alfie’s Song (not so typical love song) Bleachers
Typical Girls The Slits
All Kindsa Girls The Real Kids
How to Love if you’re not pretty Helen Gurley Brown (happy bday Helen)
More Pretty Girls Than One Lyle Lovett
Pretty Girls Joe Jackson
Pretty Persuasion R.E.M.
Ain’t That Pretty At All Warren Zevon
Won’t you Be my Neighbor Mr Rogers (happy bday Mr Rogers)
Neighbours The Rolling Stones
My Next Door Neighbor (Live) Coldcock Jones
Girl Next Door Nervous Eaters
Girl Next Door (produced Eric Ambel) The Clintons
Woman Next Door The Felice Brothers
Weird Boy Next Door The Muffs
Kid Next Door The Bottle Rockets
If You Let Me Stay Terence Trent D’Arby (happy bday TTD)
If You Want Me to Stay (single master) Sly & The Family Stone (happy bday Sly)
I Want To Take You Higher (sly stone cover) Blues Traveler
Naturally Stoned The Avant Garde (Happy bday Chuck Woolery)
Furniture Assembly Manual Bud Light Real Men of Genius
Stephen Hawking – The Beatles of Scientists Dana Gould
City of Blinding Lights (with Stephen Hawking Intro) U2
A Glorious Dawn Carl Sagan with Stephen Hawking (RIP Stephen)

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Playlist for 3/11/18 and OnDemand Playlist

Anything, Anything Dramarama
All things Must Pass Tower Records (RIP Russ Solomon)
Sacramento (co written brian wilson) Gary Usher
Record Store The Madison Square Gardeners
Girl In Golden Disc The Records
8 track Jim Boggia
Why Independent Record Stores Fail Marah
Rollercoaster (RSD 2018) Bleachers
Garbage Man The Seconds
Garbageman William Shatner
Trash New York Dolls
Trash Wyldlife
Hillbilly Junk Paul Westerberg
The Power Of Positive Drinkin’ Mickey Gilley (happy bday Mickey)
Don’t Do it Mickey Dolenz (happy bday Mickey)
Do It For You Kurt Baker Combo
Do It Again Beach Boys
Do It Again The Kinks
Miss Yah Plastiq Passion
Nitrous Oxide High Terrible Tim
Resurrection Burnt Youth
I’m Coming Back Little Steven
Come As You Are (7” Version) Peter Wolf (happy bday Peter)
Nina the Queen of the Teeners Lou Monte
Oh Nina The Muffs
Queen beats King Nina Diaz (happy bday Nina)
I’m A Believer Nina Hagen (happy bday Nina)
Buffalo Stance Neneh Cherry (happy bday Neneh)
Esther The Hold Steady
Cover Me Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band (8-20-84)
Little Devil Neil Sedaka (happy bday Neil)
Little Demon Adrian Zmed (happy bday Adrian)
Buffy Come Back Angel and the Reruns (happy bday Anissa Jones)

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Playlist for 3/4/18 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
dj rich russo Terrible Tim
turn your radio on John Hartford
Turn Your Radio On The BoDeans
Radio Radio (elvis costello cover) Reckless Drifters (featuring John Easdale)
Nothing But the Radio Maia Sharp
On Your Radio Joe Jackson
Life is a rock but the radio rolled me Tracey Ullman
I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass Nick Lowe
Break the Glass Superchunk
Break The Spell The Rolling Stones
Under Your Spell Airwaves
Underneath The Sky Oasis
Under The Gun Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul
You Give Rock a Bad Name/Livin on my Hair Jon Anchovi (Swinging Erudites)
She Don’t Know Me Bon Jovi (happy bday Jon)
It’s My Life (Bon Jovi Cover) Paul Anka
It’s My Life Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
What Are You Doin’ In My Life? Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Story Of My Life Social Distortion
Hold My Life The Replacements
Makin’ it Work Doug and the Slugs
Work In Progress Joe Grushecky
Into Your Arms The Lemonheads (happy bday Evan)
I am the one who knocks/Knock on your Door Walter White/Eddie Hodges (happy bday Bryan and Eddie)
If She Knew What She Wants The Bangles
Guessing Jules Shear (happy bday Jules)
I’ll Kiss You Cyndi Lauper
If We Never Meet Again Tommy Conwell And The Young Rumblers

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Playlist for 02/25/18 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
Dirty Little Religion Warren Zevon
The Preacher Said, “Jesus Said” Johnny Cash with Billy Graham (RIP Billy)
1970 Pepsi Radio Spot Johnny Cash (Happy bday Johnny)
I Walk The Line (Johnny Cash cover) Live
Streets Of Laredo (Johnny Cash cover) Paul Westerberg
Escape (The Pina Colada Song) Jack Johnson
Timothy The Buoys (happy bday Rupert Holmes)
Nitrous Oxide High Terrible Tim
I’d Rather Be High David Bowie
U Get Me High Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Rice Krispies Rolling Stones
Snap Crackle Pop New Wave version Kellogg’s
Snap Crackle Pop, Kellogg’s (happy bday John Harvey Kellogg)
Jerk It Out Caesars
You George Harrison (happy bday George)
It’s You Johnny Van Zant (happy bday Johnny)
It’s You The Knack
It’s Not You Blotto
Love’s Got a Line On You Scandal
I Got A Line On You(spirit/randy california cover) Alice Cooper
1984 (spirit/randy california cover) The Records (happy bday Randy)
Mother and Child Reunion (paul simon cover) KAPT KOPTER &The Fabulous Twirly Birds
Taurus/Stairway Discussion
Gilligan’s Island (Stairway) Little Roger and the Goosebumps
the new world x
The Kids Are Alright Calamities
If The Kids Are United Sham 69
Shine Like It Does INXS
Shine Your Light Willie Nile
Shine Stoneman Douglas Drama Club

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Playlist for 2-18-18 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
Gun Control Laws The West Wing
Gun Control Ian Hunter
Cell Phones Ringing (in the Pockets of the Dead) Willie Nile
Stray Bullet Bruce Springsteen
George Washington songs of Presidents (Happy bday George)
Young Abe Lincoln Don Cornell (Happy bday Abe)
History Repeats Itself (lincoln kennedy) Buddy Starcher
Lincoln Edtang
Hot Rod Lincoln Jim Varney featuring Ricky Skaggs
James Dean The Eagles (happy bday James)
Ridin’ With James Dean Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Island Ridin’ The So So Glos
Riding On The Subway Jesse Malin
Riding The Avenue Glen Burtnick
Avenue Flesh For Lulu
Avenues Jonny Two Bags
Somewhere Along the Avenue Low Cut Connie
Beverly Low Cut Connie
I’ll Juice You Up Jim Carrey
Juiced Up The Friggs
Queen Of Hearts Juice Newton (happy bday Juice)
Her majesty’s service Brian Fallon
Her Majesty The Beatles
Dear Yoko John Lennon/Yoko Ono (happy bday Yoko)
Be My Yoko Ono Barenaked Ladies
Baby I Love You Ryan Adams
State of Shock Green Day (happy bday Billie Joe)
Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment The Ramones
Shock the Monkey Don Ho (happy bday Peter Gabriel)
Porcelain Monkey Warren Zevon
Save it for Later The English Beat (happy bday Dave Wakeling)

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Playlist for 2-11-18 and OnDemand player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
The Lying Stinking Pig from Valentine’s Day Jennifer Garner
St Valentine John & Brittany
Valentine The Replacements
Valentine (Live) Old 97’s
Valentine’s Day David Bowie
Stormy Eyed Valentine Ben Nichols of Lucero
I Love Bosco Bosco
I Love You Period Dan Baird
I Love You Ugly (clean) King Tuff
Baby We’re Really in Love (Hank Williams cover) Reckless Drifters (featuring John Easdale)
the new i love you The Holograms
I Love You London Lee
I Love You Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers
Rocket Of Love The Knack
Love on the Phone Suzanne Fellini
Something to Love Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Is That Love Squeeze
I’ve Got A Dog Who Loves Me Timmie “Oh Yeah!” Rogers
Love Sick Love Dirty Pearls
Love You Till It Hurts The Donnas
Injured in the Game of Love Donnie Iris
Love Concussion The Hell Yeah Babies
What Do You Do When Love Dies Florence Henderson
Love is Dead The Godfathers
Bibles and Rifles Stompin’ Tom Connors
Smackwater Jack (live 94) Carole King
Jack Tom Petty
Jackie Jesse Malin
Beverly Low Cut Connie
The Lone Twister The Lone Twister (happy bday Murray the K)
Countin’ On A Miracle Bruce Springsteen
I need a Miracle Grateful Dead (RIP John Perry Barlow)

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Playlist for 2-4-18 with Dr Demento co-host and OnDemand Player

Anything Anything (String Version) Vitamin String Quartet
Football Seasons Over Shelley Fabares
Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat Ryan Parker
Keep the Ball Rollin’ (Philadelphia Eagles) Jay and Techniques
The Lonesome Kicker Adam Sandler
Transfusion Nervous Norvus
Dr Demento talks
My Baby’s The Star Of A Driver’s Ed Movie Blotto
I Want My Baby Back Jimmy Cross
Dr Demento talks
Fish Heads Barnes & Barnes
Fish Heads (2017 Punk Version) Osaka Popstar
Dr Demento talks
psycho chicken (beeped) Fools
Smells Like Karen Carpenter Moneyshot Cosmonauts
Dr Demento talks
Shaving Cream Benny Bell
Shaving Cream (Punk Lyrics) Uncle Floyd Vivino
Dr Demento talks
Beat on the Brat Weird Al Yankovic
King Kong Soupy Sales
where it’s at Leonard Nimoy
Dr Demento talks
The ThingAdam West
Boy Wonder I Love You Burt Ward
Dr Demento talks
Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow (single version) Frank Zappa
Mister Rogers Autotuned – John D Boswell-Symphony of Science
Dr Demento talks
Dead Puppies (2017 punk version) James Kochalka Superstar
in the 80s Devo Spice
classic rock cutoff date Power Salad
Dr Demento talks
Nitrous Oxide High Terrible Tim
Dr Demento talks
they’re coming to take me away Napoleon xiv

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