BadBadNotGood Cover Rap Instrumentals With Jazzy, Live Instrumentation

BadBadNotGood are, quite frankly, a group of young white guys who perform covers of hip-hop instrumentals in the style of a hip Jazz-Fusion group. Think of it as the closest thing to if The Roots were covering your favorite instrumentals.

Their covers are decidedly smooth and perfect for warm nights and rainy afternoons where you want to relax to some “Brooklyn Zoo” but don’t care at the moment for ODB yelling at you about craziness.

It’s all very chill and all highly accessible. These guys know their stuff. From Nas and ODB to Odd Future and MF DOOM to even a suite of nerdy homages to The Legend Of Zelda, this group of instrumentalists come off as earnest as can be and the genuine article of people who are legit fans seeking to simply add their spin to the musical conversation of these tried and true tracks.

Website. Bandcamp.

Listen to their suite of MF DOOM covers below:


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Iggy Pop To Shill French Perfume

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But Iggy Pop has always been an odd one in the musical bunch, marching to the beat of his own drum. Remember that time he did a Jazz-ish album a few years ago? Or the time he was on The Adventures Of Pete & Pete? He’s Iggy Pop and he’ll do what he got-damn pleases.

According to Spin:

Your pretty face is going to smell! Punk godfather and reformed stage diver Iggy Pop is going to donate his rubbery mug to the advertising campaign for Paco Rabanne’s new men’s and women’s fragrances, Black XS L’Excès. While the ads make somewhat more sense than, say, the time one of his songs about heroin abuse was used in a Royal Caribbean cruise advert, we still can’t help but wonder if this thing is going to reek like glass, peanut butter, or any of the other particularly non-fragrant things Iggy rubbed on himself in the ’70s.


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PLAYLISTS for 11/06/11 on THE PEAK and WDHA

107.1 The Peak

Anything Anything DRAMARAMA
Stand and Deliver ADAM & THE ANTS (happy bday Adam)
Watching my Baby REIGNING SOUND
Little things you do SAM COOKE
Little things (my baby does) BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
Stairway to Gillian’s Island LITTLE ROGER (happy 40th Led Zep IV)
Good Day in Hell EAGLES (Happy bday Glenn Frey)
Hell’s Tenants 68AD
Summer of 1974 BROTHERS ADAMS (happy bday Bryan and Ryan Adams)
Don’t let him know PRISM
Perfectly Good Guitar (Live) JOHN HIATT
Johnny Guitar PEARL JAM
I Hope you’re Happy Now ELVIS COSTELLO
St Jimmy (live) GREEN DAY
Hey St Peter FLASH AND THE PAN (happy bday George Young)
Hey Handsome Boy JILL JACKSON
Hey Jimmy Fink NEPTUNAS
Hey You MIDNIGHT BRIGADE (Local Nyack)
I was made for Dancin’ LEIF GARRETT (happy bday Leif)
Dream Baby (live 1969) FLYING BURRITO BROS. (happy bday Gram Parsons)
Wonderful Remark (alternate version) VAN MORRISON

105.5 WDHA

Anything Anything DRAMARAMA
Rock and Roll Party in the Streets AXE
Partytown GLENN FREY (Happy bday Glen)
Serious Business JOHN MELLENCAMP
Desperate not Serious ADAM ANT (Happy Bday Adam)
We’re Desperate X
Stairway to Gilligan’s Island LITTLE ROGER (happy anniversary Led Zep IV)
Staten Island Rocker RANDY LUDACER
Captain Hook THE SECONDS
Lonely Nights BRYAN ADAMS (happy bday Bryan)
Summer of 1974 BROTHERS ADAMS (happy bday Bryan and Ryan Adams)
Nuclear RYAN ADAMS (happy bday Ryan)
Mental Revenge (live) FLYING BURRITO BROS (happy bday Gram Parsons)
Living well is the best revenge REM
Living on the edge of the world BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
I was made for Dancin’ LEIF GARRETT (happy bday Leif)
Friday on my Mind EARTHQUAKE
Hey St Peter FLASH AND THE PAN (happy bday George Young)
I’m Stranded THE SAINTS
Call me Up VIC DELLA PELLO (Jersey City)
Is that Love SQUEEZE (Happy bday Chris Difford)
Watching my Baby REIGNING SOUND

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Springsteen Jumps On Stage With Local Pittsburgh Band The Composure

Bruce was in Pittsburgh on Thursday and Friday to play some shows with Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers, the opening act was local band the Composure, featuring Johnny Grushecky on Bass, Bruce jumped on stage during their set and performed Dancing in the Dark..

enjoy the video of it here:

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The Kitten Covers: Famous Rock Album Art With Cats

This might be the cutest thing you’ll see all day. Kitten Covers is a Tumblr page which features some of the most important albums in rock history, with the band members and models replaced by cats. Like, the KISS cats! The kitten craze is everywhere. Cat memes have been done to death, but this project gets a pass. Just look at Bowie cat. It would be the best pet ever. Check out more of the rock-star felines below!

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Download The Free Sampler From Sargent House Records

For the second year in a row, Sargent House and Rodriguez Lopez Productions have a free sampler of their roster’s music. This is a perfect opportunity to check out new tunes from some very exciting bands. Sargent House is home to musicians like Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta and At The Drive-In, so you can expect to hear loud and experimental music all around. Artists like Hella, Le Butcherettes, Zechs Marquise, and Boris are relatively unknown, but this free release might gain them some more fans.

Here’s the tracklist.


Russian Circles - Mladek  (Empros)
Le Butcherettes - New York  (Sin, Sin, Sin)
Gypsyblood - Take Your Picture (Cold In The Guestway)
Adebisi Shank - Genki Shank (This Is the Second Album of A Band..)
Boris - Hope (New Album)
Tera Melos - Frozen Zoo (Patagonian Rats)
ME & LP - Bonnie Says (Chez Raymond)
Good Old War - Get Some (Self Titled)
Hella - Yubacore (Tripper)
Boris - Riot Sugar (Heavy Rocks 2011)
Zechs Marquise - Everlasting Beacon Of Light (Getting Paid)

Download the album for free here.

Check out “Hope” by Boris, for a preview of the sampler.


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Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cover R. Kelly’s “Ignition”

This makes about as much sense as Inception. Actually, Inception-Ignition could be an interesting cross-over.

But for now, the closest crossover between the two will have to be the kid from 3rd Rock From The Sun covering the immortal R. Kelly classic.


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Metallica Begin Work On Next Album

After releasing, just today, their collaborative album with Lou Reed, called Lulu, to cries of “Worst Album Ever,” Metallica are back in the studio apparently trying hard to make you forget about that album and make you remember that their last studio album was seen by many as a return to form.

According to Gulf News:

“We’ve been busy writing and recording,” Trujillo says. “We’ve got a couple of new songs we have been working on the past couple of weeks. The writing process for the new Metallica album has begun. We’ve been in the studio with Rick Rubin, working on a couple of things, and we’re going to be recording during the most of next year. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.”

Cool story, bro.

If you haven’t heard anything from Lulu, you can listen to a track below and make your own call on just how bad it is.



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Watch The Flaming Lips Pay Tribute To Steve Jobs

Last night at the MTV O Awards, The Flaming Lips paid tribute to recently deceased Apple founder Steve Jobs by doing a rendition of The Beatles’ Revolution completely on iPads.

I must say, if you’ve never seen drumming on iPads, it’s quite a sight.

You can check out the performance over at the O Awards website.

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SXSW Festival 2012 Announces Lineup

No tricks here, only treats. The SXSW Festival in Austin, TX has debuted it’s perliminary lineup for this coming year and it’s looking pretty good.

According to Brooklyn Vegan:

CMJ is less than two weeks behind us and SXSW has alrady announced the first round of artists playing the March 2012 fest in Austin. The list includes Against Me!, Grace Potter, Cloud Nothings, Com Truise, The Ettes, FEAR, The Men, Mind Spiders, Parlovr, Thee Oh Sees, We Barbarians, Young Magic, The Wedding Present, Chelsea Wolfe and many others.

The full list includes:

Akina Adderley & The Vintage Playboys (Austin TX)
Against Me! (Gainesville FL)
Agent Fresco (Reykjavík ICELAND)
Ambition (Halifax CANADA)
ANR (Miami FL)
Antoine Reverb (Guadalajara MEXICO)
Avalanche City (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Balthazar (Gent BELGIUM)
Bare Wires (Oakland NY)
BeatauCue (Caen FRANCE)
Bestial Mouths (Los Angeles CA)
Big Deal (London UK-ENGLAND)
Big Scary (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
The Black and White Years (Austin TX)
Black Books (Austin TX)
The Black Ryder (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Michael Guy Bowman (Los Angeles CA)
Cashier No.9 (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Class Actress (Brooklyn NY)
Cloud Nothings (Cleveland OH)
Com Truise (Princeton NJ)
Delay Trees (Helsinki FINLAND)
Delhi 2 Dublin (Vancouver CANADA)
Marianne Dissard (Tucson AZ)
Duck Fight Goose (Shanghai CHINA)
The Ettes (Nashville TN)
Fanzine (London UK-ENGLAND)
Fat Tony (Houston TX)
FEAR (Los Angeles CA)
Free Blood (Brooklyn NY)
THE GRANNIES (San Francisco CA)
Guadalupe Plata (Andalusia-Ubeda SPAIN)
He’s My Brother She’s My Sister (Los Angeles CA)
Howler (Minneapolis MN)
Ice Choir (Brooklyn NY)
I Got You On Tape (Copenhagen DENMARK)
il abanico (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Matthew Perryman Jones (Nashville TN)
Jonquil (Oxford UK-ENGLAND)
Just A Band (Nairobi KENYA)
Marit Larsen (Oslo NORWAY)
Letting Up Despite Great Faults (Los Angeles CA)
Library Voices (Regina CANADA)
Love Inks (Austin TX)
Maxim Ludwig & The Santa Fe Seven (Silverlake CA)
Mahogany (Chicago IL)
Marmalakes (Austin TX)
The Men (New York City NY)
Mind Spiders (Forth Worth TX)
Motopony (Seattle WA)
Mujeres (Barcelona SPAIN)
Musikanto (Chicago IL)
My Education (Austin TX)
Niki & The Dove (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Not In The Face!! (Austin TX)
Of Monsters and Men (Reykjavík ICELAND)
120 Days (Oslo NORWAY)
Outfit (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
The Parlotones (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
Parlovr (Montreal CANADA)
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (Waitsfield VT)
Pure Love (Brooklyn NY)
Molly Rankin (Charlottetown PE)
ROGe (Rio De Janeiro BRAZIL)
Peter Rosenberg (New York NY)
Rosie and Me (Curitiba BRAZIL)
Royal Canoe (Winnipeg CANADA)
Gabriel Santiago Quintet (Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL)
Sauti Sol (Nairobi KENYA)
Say Hi (Seattle WA)
The Scoundrels (Las Vegas NV)
Shout Out Out Out Out (Edmonton CANADA)
Skewby (Memphis TN)
Skinny Lister (London UK-ENGLAND)
Soft Metals (Los Angeles CA)
Some Community (Sao Paulo BRAZIL)
Something Fierce (Houston TX)
Sore Losers (Lancaster TX)
SPEAK (Austin TX)
Spectrals (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Spycatcher (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sudakaya (Quito ECUADOR)
Talking To Turtles (Leipzig GERMANY)
Team Me (Elverum NORWAY)
Telebit (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
Thee Oh Sees (San Francisco CA)
Timbuktu (Toronto ON)
Truth Universal (New Orleans LA)
Turbogeist (London UK-ENGLAND)
Uncle Bad Touch (Montreal CANADA)
Uncle Lucius (Austin TX)
Vampillia (Tenjinmachi JAPAN)
V for Volume (Bogota COLOMBIA)
VHS or Beta (Brooklyn NY)
WAX (Dunkirk MD)
We Are The Ocean (London UK-ENGLAND)
We Barbarians (Brooklyn NY)
The Wedding Present (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Chelsea Wolfe (Los Angeles CA)
Young Magic (Brooklyn NY)
Yukon Blonde (Vancouver CANADA)
Yuksek(Paris FRANCE)
The Zoltars (Austin TX)

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