So tonight at the Studio at Webster Hall, one of the biggest bands in the world will be playing a a room the size of a suburban basement, and one lucky fan will get the option to buy a ticket at cost ($23.94).

some simple rules: you must be 19 or older. You must be able to be at the venue by 9pm. you must have $23.94 to pay for the ticket.

Because there are so many people i know that need a ticket for this, i don’t want have to choose favorites amongst friends and fans, so i’m doing a contest, and i’m not even looking at who submits. my assistant will put all of the correct entries will into textmechanic’s random line picker go here to see how it works and whatever name is generated that’s the winner.

you do need to qualify by answering this question, correct answers make the submission list, incorrect answers are thrown out..

since I am a radio DJ, here’s a question that involves a famous NYC CLUB and one of the most influential radio DJ’s of all time:

Name the song that legendary DJ John Peel once decribed as the perfect song that was covered by Green Day at the most influential music club in NYC Punk history..

you must name the song and who originally did it.

send your answer to

include your answer in the header and your name in the body of the entry per email address, multiple entries will be voided out. contest begins at 11:30am and entries accepted until 12:15

good luck!

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Download The New Virtual Boy Remix “Doom II”

Need some good background music for that Halloween party? Sick of using boring, old ambient boos and screams? Electronic duo Virtual Boy have you covered.

Their new, free remix of their track “Doom,” inspired by the classic first person shooter game, is the perfect mix of electronic beats, haunted ambiance, and unsettling noises; done-up just subtly enough that it’s fun-not-frightening.

Check out the original version of “Doom” below and download the remix over at Bandcamp.


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Brian Wilson Discusses The Upcoming SMiLE Box Set With BBC Radio 4

Next Tuesday the long-awaited Beach Boys SMiLE Sessions box set will be released. In advance of this, BBC Radio 4 has conducted an interview with Brian Wilson detailing a bit of the curio and struggle involving the pressure to make a hit song for a label, behind the scenes audio, the drugs used during recording what would be one of rock and roll’s greatest unfinished albums.



As a more-complete primer though, check out this full-length BBC 1 radio documentary on SMiLE from 1995.

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MF DOOM And Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood Team-Up On Lex Compilation

This is the payoff we’ve been anticipating ever since Thom Yorke remixed DOOM’S “Gazillion Ear” back in 2009.

It seems the Radiohead duo and the chrome-plated masked rapper will be collaborating on a track for the upcoming LEX Records compilation celebrating their 10th birthday.

The compilation is called Complex, and also includes contributions from Gruff Rhys’ and Boom Bip’s Neon Neon project, Boom Bip solo, and Doseone and Fog’s Crook&Flail project, among others. It’ll be made available digitally on a week-by-week, track-by track basis until mid-January, at which point the whole set will be released on picture disc vinyl.


Via Pitchfork

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Amy Winehouse’s Official Cause Of Death Ruled As Due To Alcohol

Well, if we’re really getting technical…

Coroner Suzanne Greenaway has issued a verdict of “death by misadventure” — the same cause of death famously given for Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones in 1969 — according to the AP, stating that Winehouse’s demise in London on July 23 was the result of intentionally choosing to drink alcohol, no matter the risks. Winehouse’s blood alcohol content at the time of her death was more than five times above the legal drunk-driving level, a pathologist reportedly said today at the singer’s inquest — enough to stop her breathing. Per Winehouse’s doctor, Dr. Christina Romete, the singer had abstained from alcohol for a period of time, but taken up drinking again in the days before her death. A detective stated empty vodka bottles were recovered from her bedroom.

Death By Misadventure? I guess here’s where I would make a “Rehab” pun, but I just don’t have it in me on this day. I can’t even begin to imagine what her family has gone through, especially now having to live with a death labeled essentially the closest thing to ‘death by partying.’

Let’s remember the good times:


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PLAYLISTS for 10/23/11 on THE PEAK and WDHA

107.1 The Peak

Anything Anything DRAMARAMA
The Way it is THE VON EHRICS
Mainstreet DEER TICK
Mother’s Lullabye GIRL IN A COMA
The Examiners JOHN WESLEY HARDING (Happy bday Wes)
Erie Canal BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and SESSIONS BAND (Happy anniversary Erie Canal)
Bela Lugosi’s Dead BAUHAUS (happy bday Bela)
Wolfman BOBBY FULLER FOUR (happy bday Bobby)
Breaking the Law JUDAS PRIEST (happy bday Glenn Tipton)
Breakin’ the Law THE BABIES
Rock your Baby WANDA JACKSON (happy bday Wanda)
Refugee (alt version) TOM PETTY (happy bday Tom)
Wheel of Fortune KAY STARR (happy bday Pat Sajak)
Someone take the Wheel REPLACEMENTS
In my Tree (live montreal ’05) PEARL JAM
Cherry Tree 10,000 MANIACS (Happy bday Natalie)
Family Tree JOHN EDDIE
Feed the Tree BELLY
Glory TELEVISION (happy Bday Richard Lloyd)
Glory Hallejuah FRANK TURNER

105.5 WDHA

Anything Anything DRAMARAMA
King’s Highway (Live) TOM PETTY (Happy bday Tom)
Kings Road TOM PETTY
Mainstreet DEER TICK
Main Street BOB SEGER
I’m finding it harder to be a Gentleman WHITE STRIPES
Gentleman Caller JOHN WESLEY HARDING (happy bday Wes)
Sweet Goddess of Love and Beer POPA CHUBBY
Annette’s got the hits REDD KROSS
Bikini Beach ANNETTE (happy bday Annette)
Bikini Girls with Machine Guns THE CRAMPS
But I’m Yours PETER and LOIS GRIFFIN (Happy bday Seth McFarlane)
Take me I’m yours SQUEEZE
I wanna be yours SCOTT KEMPNER
Living after Midnght JUDAS PRIEST (happy bday Glenn Tipton)
Midnight Shift BUDDY HOLLY
Midnight Show KILLERS
Bela Lugosi’s Dead BAUHAUS (happy bday Bela)
Another one rides the Bus WEIRD AL YANKOVIC (Happy bday Weird Al)
Does this bus stop at 82nd Street (live 75) BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and E STREET
Kiss me on the Bus REPLACEMENTS
Let her dance SPITBALLS (happy bday Bobby Fuller)
I Love Mickey TERESA BREWER (Happy bday Mickey Mantle)
The judge’s Daughter GREEN DAY
the Funky Judge BULL and THE MATADORS (happy bday Judge Judy)
Judy’s Party JOHN EDDIE
Judy is a Punk RAMONES

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New Music by Chairlift

Chairlift is a synth-pop act based in Brooklyn, New York. In recent years, they’ve been featured in an iPod commercial, and were nominated for an MTV Video Music Award, yet they still remain fairly unknown in the music world.

The duo, made up of Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly, are set to release their second album Something in late January. After a brief tour with James Blake, Chairlift have revealed their latest single “Sidewalk Safari.” It’s set to open their upcoming album. Check it out below.

In 2010, the band’s future was unclear after original member Aaron Pfenning left in order to pursue a solo career. But Polacheck and Wimberly decided to go on without him, and returned in the summer to release their single “Amanaemonesia.” Chairlift have been on a roll ever since.

Check out “Amanaemonesia”:

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Uncovering Big Black Delta

In UFO folklore, a Big Black Delta is a massive triangular aircraft. There have been sightings of these mysterious ships since the 1980′s, even by Dan Akroyd himself. Yes, Ray the Ghostbuster. It’s true. Recently, a certain Big Black Delta has been seen in LA night clubs. This one isn’t from outer space, but it makes music that’s been considered “otherworldly” to those California club goers.

In this case, “it” is the drum and synth heavy project from Jonathan Bates, perhaps better known as the bassist and vocalist of Mellowdrone. While Bates caters to a lofi indie-rock crowd with Mellowdrone, his solo project gives him the opportunity to experiment with a darker electronic sound. Big Black Delta’s latest single “Betamax” is the perfect representation of his new venture. Check it out below.


In a live setting, Bates moves around the stage like a young Iggy Pop, and is accompanied by two female drummers. Big Black Delta’s music has been appropriately compared to electronic acts like The Knife and M83. The latter even worked with him on the “Fall” remix, featured on Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy R3CONF1GUR3D. BBDLP1, the aptly titled debut album of Bate’s goth solo project was released last month, and can be downloaded here. The LP’s stand out track, “Huggin And Kissin”, can be streamed below.

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Anything, Anything Podcast – Garland Jeffreys

Rich sits down with Garland Jeffreys. This episode features live exclusive performances of Rebel Love, Gotta Get Away From this World, I May Not be Your Kind, I’m Alive, Wild in the Streets, Coney Island Winter and a bootleg version of ROCK from a Springsteen holiday show.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Jay-Z And Kanye West Sued Over Soul Sample

Out of all the high-priced sampled used on “Watch The Throne” it seems Jay-Z and Kanye forgot to give one OG artist due credit.

According The Hollywood Reporter, 1960s and ’70s hitmaker Syl Johnson claims West, Jay-Z, and their labels, UMG and Def Jam, used part of his song “Different Strokes” on “The Joy” and put it out this summer without permission, credit, or payment. In the complaint filed in Illinois federal court, Johnson says West had wanted to put the sample on his solo release My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy but couldn’t get permission. Using the uncleared sample on one album after being unable to clear it for a prior album allegedly constitutes knowing and willful misappropriation.

Not that Hove and Yeezy don’t have the cash to pay it off or anything. In any case though, that shit cray.


Via Spin

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