PLAYLIST 06/06/10

Anything anything DRAMARAMA
Harvey Haddix MINUS 5 (for Armando Gallaraga)
Rock hard SUZY QUATRO (happy bday Suzy)
Black boom box JESSE MALIN
Houston DEAN MARTIN (happy bday Dean)
Anyplace is better than here (live) REPLACEMENTS
Unthought Known (live) PEARL JAM
Painting Leprosy (live RXP) ADAM TAYLOR
While my guitar gently weeps GIRL IN A COMA (happy bday Les Paul)
Little T&A ROLLING STONES (happy bday Johnny Depp)
Girls in their summer clothes BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
Sidewalk Queen WYLDLIFE (unsigned Westchester NY)
Bang a gong (live 1979) BLONDIE
Pallasades Park FREDDY CANNON (happy bday Chuck Barris)
Talent show (live) REPLACEMENTS
Innocent ones WILLIE NILE (happy bday Willie)
This little Girl GARY US BONDS (happy bday Gary)
No Diggety (live RXP) ADAM TAYLOR
Holy Ghost town A MILLION YEARS
Don’t Tell me THERINA BELLA (happy bday Therina, unsigned Staten Island)
Wooden Heart TOM PETTY (RIP John Wooden)
Surfin Craze JAMES DARREN (happy bday James)
Lucy (live RXP) ADAM TAYLOR (live in studio)
Just another night IAN HUNTER (happy bday Ian)

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James Maddock Performs “Prettier Girls” on Anything Anything.

About a month ago we had singer/songwriter James Maddock in studio for some music talk and some live tunes. This clip is of James performing “Prettier Girls” from the May 2nd airing of Anything Anything.

Context: At the beginning of the clip Rich is describing a scenario where a mix-tape ended a relationship.

James Maddock Performs “Prettier Girls” on Anything, Anything. by RichRusso

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