Why the Strokes are a waste of time….

Since I’ve started my radio show, I’ve been very vocal about my dislike of a few bands. And like everything else, some people agree with my thoughts, others don’t. That’s the great thing about music, everybody likes something different, and unlike sports where you may root for one team while hoping every other team fails, music is not like that.

Despite my well documented distain for Kings of Leon, Pete Yorn and the Strokes, I don’t root against them selling records, I actually hope they do, I hope every artist sells millions of records, it’s better for all of us if tons of records get sold.

I also don’t have a problem with an artist to get established they cash in every friend and family connection “chip” to break through the clutter. It’s part of most everything in life, even in the workforce. Some people may get a job because of their connections which causes a better candidate to be left in the cold. In music a better album may not get heard or promoted. I fully understand all of that.

But this is where my problems lie with certain bands, once you cash in the “chip”, or daddy or your brother helps you out, you need to DELIVER or please go away and don’t keep re-cashing the same “chip”.

Unfortunately those certain bands haven’t DELIVERED.

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