Brian Wilson Discusses The Upcoming SMiLE Box Set With BBC Radio 4

Next Tuesday the long-awaited Beach Boys SMiLE Sessions box set will be released. In advance of this, BBC Radio 4 has conducted an interview with Brian Wilson detailing a bit of the curio and struggle involving the pressure to make a hit song for a label, behind the scenes audio, the drugs used during recording what would be one of rock and roll’s greatest unfinished albums.



As a more-complete primer though, check out this full-length BBC 1 radio documentary on SMiLE from 1995.

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The Beach Boys To Finally Release SMiLE Box Set This November

A few months back The Beach Boys announced plans to release a massive box-set of ALL of the elusive SMiLE sessions, thought to have been hidden away and relegated to bootlegs and old-man Brian Wilson’s 2004 re-recorded version.

Here’s the whole, giant package:

The long awaited release of the Brian Wilson and Beach Boys masterpiece, SMiLE Sessions. With the full participation of original Beach Boys Al Jardine, Mike Love, and Brian Wilson, Capitol/EMI has, for the first time, collected and compiled the band’s legendary 1966-’67 sessions for the never-completed SMiLE album. Rolling Stone magazine recently called SMiLE “the most famous unfinished album in rock & roll history.”
In several sessions between the summer of 1966 and early 1967, The Beach Boys recorded a bounty of songs and drafts for an album, SMiLE, that was intended to follow the band’s 1966 album, Pet Sounds. The master tapes were ultimately shelved, and The Beach Boys’ SMiLE has never been released. Drawn from the original masters, SMiLE Sessions presents an in-depth overview of The Beach Boys’ recording sessions for the enigmatic album, which has achieved legendary, mythical status for music fans around the world.Artwork for all of the SMiLE Sessions’ physical and digital configurations has been created with and inspired by Beat-Pop artist Frank Holmes’ original 1967 LP sleeve art and booklet designs intended for the SMiLE album.

Vinyl Product contains:

– 12″ x 12″ gatefold packaging featuring Frank Holmes cover art

– 2 LPs

– Inner sleeve art (not contained on box set vinyl)

– Lyrics

– 12″ x 12″ booklet created for original release features:

– Photos by Guy Webster

– Drawings by Frank Holmes

Not to mention several CDs, VInyl singles, booklets and other rare goodies for the perfectionist collector out there.

The SMiLE Sessions box set is set for release on November 1st. Hopefully Mike Love won’t find a way to screw it up.


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