BadBadNotGood Cover Rap Instrumentals With Jazzy, Live Instrumentation

BadBadNotGood are, quite frankly, a group of young white guys who perform covers of hip-hop instrumentals in the style of a hip Jazz-Fusion group. Think of it as the closest thing to if The Roots were covering your favorite instrumentals.

Their covers are decidedly smooth and perfect for warm nights and rainy afternoons where you want to relax to some “Brooklyn Zoo” but don’t care at the moment for ODB yelling at you about craziness.

It’s all very chill and all highly accessible. These guys know their stuff. From Nas and ODB to Odd Future and MF DOOM to even a suite of nerdy homages to The Legend Of Zelda, this group of instrumentalists come off as earnest as can be and the genuine article of people who are legit fans seeking to simply add their spin to the musical conversation of these tried and true tracks.

Website. Bandcamp.

Listen to their suite of MF DOOM covers below:


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