Some Local appropriate closing songs…

Sadly, RXP has ended due to the sale of the station. Oddly enough a station that was once called New York’s Rock Experience (don’t get me started on why it was stopped being marketed as that) , ended not once but twice and both times with songs by English artists, first on Thursday night during Rich Kotite’s final show and last DJ voiced segment, he chose to end with the Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” and then on Friday as the station transitioned to it’s musical stunt before it turns to a news talk station. the last RXP song was the Who’s “Long Live Rock”

This got me thinking about some cool local artists that might have had songs worthy of the end of what was once called New York’s Rock Experience (once again, please don’t get me started on why it stopped being called that, only Kotite knows)

Here’s a bunch of songs by a bunch of local artists, that might have been cool to sum up RXP and the sale and format switch, what do you think?

Arguably the biggest or at least the most influential band form the 5 Boroughs are the RAMONES

here’s a few songs by them:

“I’m Against It”
“Now I Want to Sniff Some Glue”
“The KKK took my Baby Away”
“Here Today Gone Tomorrow”
“We Want the Airwaves”
“Too Tough to Die”

New Jersey has some artists that have some logical songs:

“Further on up the road”
“Fade Away”

“I Don’t Want to go Home”
“The Time of your Life”
“What are we gonna do?”
“Everybody Dies”
“Goodnight Goodbye”
“Drown in my own Tears”

or maybe one of these from Brooklyn:

THE HOLD STEADY (they played RXP’s first anniversary show)
‘Rock Problems”
“Lord I’m Discouraged”


Or one of these from Queens or Long Island
JESSE MALIN “Broken Radio” BILLY JOEL “I’ve Loved these Days”

and back to NYC for this one

BLONDIE “Fade Away and Radiate”

maybe this NYC one should have ended it: “All for the Love of Rock and Roll”

  • Robin

    I agree, I was disappointed with the last choice on Thursday. Mostly because I can not stand bitter sweet symphony. Maybe The Ramone’s “do you remember Rock & Roll radio” would have been better. A song that played homage to all the classic deejay’s & radio shows that shaped American culture. It seems all we so is remember-remember WLIR, WNEW, K-Rock and now RXP.

  • Ron Streich

    All great choices, I would expect nothing less from DJ RICH RUSSO. His song selections are second to none when reflecting on any given moment. Bruce Springsteen once said once a song makes it way out into the world it will take on whole new meanings as time goes by.

    101.9 WXRP clearly had a heart & soul to the listeners who tuned in. Just read the comments posted on Face Book, Twitter or any of the other blog sites. Upset listeners were not afraid to voice their feelings on Friday July 15, 2011 at 5:01PM. This is the time the new owners at MERLIN MEDIA changed the stations ROCK & ROll format. The finest DJ’s in the industry were fired. Now all you hear is “lite” music on programmed rotation and ads from the new sponsors who I will no longer solicit.

  • Ron Streich

    BROKEN RADIO was written by New York singer/songwriter artist JESSE MALIN. A song he wrote for his mother who passed away at a young age. No one knows what happens to our soul when life as we know it ends. The Universe will always have more unanswered then answered questions. Did Jesse’s mom channel back to him through a radio station? Who is to say but if you listen to Jesse’s words and associate them with the radio station and its demise a vision of a soul is formed. Her name is a Phoenix bird named WXRP.

    “Well now everything dies baby that's a fact
    But maybe everything that dies someday comes back….”

  • Ron Streich

    [youtube kMBIUrdcFDQ youtube]

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