PLAYLISTS for 03/10/13 on THE PEAK and WDHA

107.1 The Peak

Anything, Anything Dramarama
Hugo Chavez Longjon La Flecha (RIP Hugo)
I’d Love to Change the World Ten Years After (RIP Alvin Lee)
Indian Reservation Paul Revere & The Raiders (Happy bday) Mark Lindsay
Kicks Flamin’ Groovies
Nuclear Family Green Day
Family Affair Theme Frank Devol
Buffy Come Back Angel and the Reruns (Happy bday Anissa Jones)
Mrs. Beasley Gipp Forster
Dollhouse Bruce Springsteen
That’s What The Water Made Me Bon Jovi
Step Into The Water James Maddock
Walk On Water Hollis Brown
Bee Girl Pearl Jam (Happy Bday Jeff Ament)
The Birds And The Bees Jewel Akens (RIP Jewel)
Adult Education Daryl Hall & John Oates
Crash Years The New Pornographers (Happy bday Ron Jeremy)
Closer Tegan & Sara
Twins Paul Evans (Happy bday Paul)
Sudbury Saturday Night Stompin’ Tom Connors (RIP Tom)
Saturday Night Wyldlife
Buy the world a coke New Seekers (happy anniversary Coke)
I’m gonna knock on your door Eddie Hodges (happy bday Eddie) 
Stop Knockin  Juanita Nixon 
What If I Came Knocking John Mellencamp
where it’s at Leonard Nimoy (Happy bday Sam Donaldson)
Dancing Out In Space David Bowie
Dancing in the Moonlight Liza Minnelli (happy bday Liza)
All I Do The Liza Colby Sound
Angel Plastiq Passion
Angel Depeche Mode
Every Little Thing The Beatles
Every Little Thing Eric Clapton
Everything’s Coming Up Roses The Replacements

105.5 WDHA

Anything, Anything Dramarama
Rich Russo DHA Terrible Tim
Tonight Ain’t Gonna Be Good Lucero
Ain’t Good Enough For You Bruce Springsteen (happy bday Jimmy Iovine)
Beg Me The Five Cards Stud
Beg me Flame
Family Entertainment The Undertones
Family Affair Theme Frank Devol
Buffy Come Back Angel and the Reruns (Happy bday Anissa Jones)
Mrs. Beasley Gipp Forster
Life Size Rubber Doll Billy and the boys
The Devil Made Me Do It Golden Earring (Happy Bday George Kooysmans)
Little Devil Neil Sedaka (happy bday Neil)
Love Will Keep Us Together Nickelback
Something About You Dave Edmunds
Something About You Boston (happy bday Tom Scholz)
The End Of Something John Wesley Harding
Lost Highway The Replacements
Many Roads To Follow Paul Collins
I Wasn’t Born To Follow Social Distortion
I will follow him Little Peggy March (happy bday Peggy)
Follow You Glen Burtnick
Keep Yor Hands To Yourself Georgia Satelites
With These Two Hands Bon Jovi
Even A Dog Can Shake Hands Warren Zevon
Cold Hands Household
Trash Wyldlife
Garbage Man The Seconds
Ain’t gonna wash for a week Eddie Hodges (happy bday Eddie)
Porno Movies The Saints (Happy bday Ron Jeremy)
The Birds And The Bees Jewel Akens (RIP Jewel)
Just Like Me Paul Revere & The Raiders (Happy bday Mark Lindsay)
Down On Your Luck Hollis Brown
The Ketchup Song Stompin’ Tom Connors (RIP Tom)
I’d love to change the world LA Guns (RIP Alvin Lee)

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