PLAYLIST for 01/29/17 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
dj rich russo   Terrible Tim
Real Live Bleeding Fingers & Broken Guitar Strings  Lucinda Williams (happy bday Lucinda)
Eruption Van Halen (Happy Bday Eddie)
You Really Got Me Van Halen
Poetry Ray Davies
Better Tell No One Your Dreams Wesley Stace
Series Of Dreams Bob Dylan
Girl Of My Dreams Bram Tchaikovsky
Life Size Rubber Doll Billy and the boys
Paper Dolls Jack Lee
Living Doll John Eddie
Devil Doll Pearl Jam
my favorite sins  Larry Hagman
Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins Chuck Prophet
Sins of America  D Generation  (happy bday Jesse Malin)
King of America  The I Don’t Cares
Pretty Vacant  Joan Jett (happy bday Johnny Rotten)
Morally Vacant  68 AD
Frustrated   Chipmunks (happy bday David Seville)
Frustration   The Disconnects
Women (Ska-Da-La-De-Da) Dean Jones(happy bday Dean)
Love is All Around (Mary Tyler Moore Theme)   Sammy Davis Jr.
Girlfriend of the Whirling DervishMary Tyler Moore & Lucille Ball (RIP Mary)
Proud Mary (CCR Fogerty Cover)   Mary Tyler Moore
With a Little Luck (McCartney Wings cover)  Mary Tyler Moore, David Letterman, Michael Keaton etc
here’s lookin at you kid   Brian Fallon (happy bday Brian)
You’re the One that Done It   The Inmates
You’re the One( 1964)  The Vikings (butch trucks)
No One To Run With  The Allman Brothers Band(RIP Butch Trucks)
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