Download The Dualies’ “Handclaps And Zaps EP” For FREE

A few weeks ago I featured The Dualies’ recent EP, Handclaps And Zaps, on an episode of the podcast and it’s no wonder why I wanted to give them every little bit of exposure I could. This EP is a slice of synthpop levity sent to give you a casual respite from what you’re probably used to listening to on your lunchbreak.

These three songs hearken back to the height of mid-90s synthpop. A niche reference to be sure, but one that has it’s place and shines with a luster better than most for those in the mood for it.

The sound of dusty synth and breathy vocals do blend each song together well. While this would be terribly repetitive on a full LP, the fact that it’s only three tracks serves this set well as it is wonderfully charming; it hits fast, gives you something fresh, then leaves you wanting more.

Download Handclaps and Zaps

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