PLAYLIST for 11/10/19 and OnDemand Player

These go to 11 Spinal Tap
Montage of every song first anything anything from 11/9/08
Thank You Friends Big Star
yesterdays hero bay city rollers
Yesterdays and Used To Be’s Todd Snider
Yesterdays News Bad Town
Yesterday Today Kurt Baker
The Spiro Man Michael Quirk
That Awful Man The Muffs
Awful Dentist
My Terrible Friend The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
Your Little Hoodrat Friend The Hold Steady
Always a Friend Alejandro Escovedo
Memphis Johnny Rivers
For The Lonely Ones Lucero
Lonely Nights (Bryan Adams Cover) Ian Lloyd
Don’t Leave Me Lonely Bryan Adams
Don’t Wanna Be Lonely Anymore The Wild Deer
Beat’s So Lonely Charlie Sexton
Ballad Of A Lonely Man Mike Ness
God Don’t Make Lonely Girls The Wallflowers
Mr. Soul Neil Young
(i go) King Kong The Go-Rillas
We Are the Boys (Who Make all the noise) the Rockers (roy wood phil lynott)
Veterans Day Mark and Tory Everson
Song Of A Soldier Willie Nile
Army of Soldiers The Spiders (NJ)
Unbroken Bon Jovi

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PLAYLIST for 11/3/19 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
kid stays in picture Robert Evans
The Movie Of Your Life John Wesley Harding
Make It Like The Movies The Dives
Just Like In The Movies Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Rock ‘N’ Roll Cowboys (Radio Edit) Ray Davies
Rhinestone Cowboy [Film Version] Bruce Springsteen
Cowboy Song Thin Lizzy
A Cowboy’s Work Is Never Done – Sonny & Cher
Cowboy Bow Wow Wow
I Want Candy The Strangeloves
candy man Gram Parsons
Imitation of Life R.E.M.
the fonz song The Heyettes
Leather Jacket Mick Taylor
Cool For Cats Squeeze
Up the Junction Jesse Malin
Time Little Steven
Time Running Tegan & Sara
I Know Im Not The Only One Tegan & Sara
Come On Get Happy The Partridge Family
Find Yourself a Rainbow Sally Field as The Flying Nun
Nuns with Guns G.E. Smith
Girls with Guns Tommy Shaw
Bikini Girls With Machine Guns The Cramps
Smuggler’s Blues Glenn Frey
Dirty Rotten Shame Garry Tallent
In Your Dreams The Riverdales
Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through Jim Steinman

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PLAYLIST for 10/27/19 SPOOKTACULAR! and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You) Giftshop
Dry Bones Herman Munster
Happy Halloween Teddy Boy
It s Halloween The Shaggs
Ho-lloween Emily’s Army
Creature without a Head Lenny and the Squigtones
Halloween Party Andrew Gold & David Cassidy
The Monster Hop Bert Convy
Midnight Monsters Hop Jack And Jim
Igor’s Party Tony’s Monstrosities
Screamin’ Ball at Dracula Hall Duponts
At The House Of Frankenstein Big Bee Kornegay
Frankenstein Stomp Count Lorry and the Biters
Monster Mash (rochester 2012) Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band
Transylvania Twist Baron Daemon And The Vampires
Let’s Twist Again (Mummy Time Is Here) John Zacherle
Graveyard Cha Cha The Three D’s
Graveyard Rock Tarantula Ghoul
Rockin’ In The Graveyard Jackie Morningstar
The Purple People Eater Judy Garland
Pumpkin Eater Terry Jacks
Punky Punkin’ Roy Rogers
2 big pumpkins Elvira
Haunted House Kevin And Chris
Haunted House Johnny Fuller
House of Wax (rock Version) The New Occupants
Vampire Rock fabulous poodles
Vampire Girlfriend The Hell Yeah Babies
Dracula’s Daughter Screaming Lord Sutch
I Was A Teenage Monster The Keytones
If You Have Ghosts John Wesley Harding And The Good Liars
Walking With A Ghost Tegan & Sara
I Walked With A Zombie R.E.M.
Zombie Zoo Tom Petty

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PLAYLIST for 10/20/19 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut Mounds And Almond Joy Candy Bars
That’s Just the Way That I Feel Purple Mountains
How does it Feel Rip Taylor
How Does It Feel? Slade
She Makes Me Feel Like The Struts
Don’t it Make You Feel Good Looking Glass
Jimmy Loves Maryann Josie Cotton
I Wanna Be Your Marianne Amy Cook
Stairway To Gilligan Little Roger and the Goosebumps
Evil Evil Evel Knievel Eddie Carr and the Navajos
Motorcycle Jade Jackson
King of the Cars Lenny and the Squigtones
Beach Baby First Class
Young Frankenstein Putting On The Ritz
From The Ritz To The Rubble Arctic Monkeys
Slippery Slide To Bliss John Wesley Harding
Straight Into Darkness (Alternate Version, 1982) Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Darkness on the Edge of Town Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Dancing on the Edge The Hooters
Cocaine Country Dancing Paul Cauthen
Pee Wee Herman Talks About Crack Cocaine – PSA
Wedding Bell Blues Morrissey and Billie Joe Armstrong
Stoney End (laura nyro cover) Paper Lace
I Dont Owe You Anything (anything anything version) Tegan & Sara
I Don’t Want You to Love Me Prima Donna
I Don’t Fit In The Beat
Come On The Rolling Stones
Around And Around (chuck berry cover) Pearl Jam
Nadine Chuck Berry
c’mon caroline (45 version) Bobby Bandiera
quote goodbye quote Carolyne Mas

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PLAYLIST FOR 10/13/19 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
Barry McGuire talks about Eve of Destruction Barry McGuire
Eve of Destruction Barry McGuire (happy bday Barry)
Your Capricious Soul Michael Stipe
You Had Your Soul with you The National
All That You Have Is Your Soul Tracy Chapman
Devil Woman Cliff Richard (happy bday Cliff)
Mr. Crowley Ozzy Osbourne (happy bday Alister Crowley
Mz Hyde Halestorm
jekyll and hyde Mighty ‘Em
Keep On Loving You (REO Speedwagon Cover) The Donnas
In Your Letter with russo commentary REO Speedwagon (happy bday Kevin Cronin)
Time for me to Fly (REO Speedwagon cover) Dolly Parton
Fire, Ready, Aim GREEN DAY
Sing To Death Prima Donna
Sing Your Own Song John Wesley Harding
Sing Don’t Speak Blackfoot Sue
Don’t Speak No Doubt
Don’t Talk 10,000 Maniacs
You’re Beautiful When You Don’t Talk Steel Panther
why me Planet p (happy bday Tony Carey)
Boulevard (Jackson Browne Cover) Shirley Squirrely and Melvin
Lawyer’s in Love Jackson Browne (happy bday Jackson)
Her Love Is Killing Me Huey Lewis And The News
My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg) The Ramones (happy bday Johnny Ramone)
Shining Down Jesse Malin
Ayuda when the sun goes down jake clemons

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PLAYLIST for 10/6/19 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
Paul Collins with Kim Shattuck
rock and roll girl The Muffs (RIP Kim)
Everywhere I Go (Version X) The Muffs
Uh Oh! * The Coolies
Changes (David Bowie Cover) The Muffs
To that funny place The Muffs
Kids In America The Muffs
The Ties That Bind (Springsteen Cover) Eddie & The Hot Rods
Do Anything You Wanna Do Eddie & The Hot Rods (RIP Barrie Masters)
Let’s Get Together (alt version C’mon Everybody) Eddie Cochran (happy bday Eddie)
Get Yourself Together The Black Keys
Get Together David Crosby
Let’s All Come Together Willie Nile
Come Together (2019 Mix) The Beatles (happy bday John Lennon)
Working Class Hero Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul
Revolution Prima Donna
Revolution (Demo) R.E.M.
Revolution Rock n Roll Low Cut Connie
Rock and Roll Ghost The Replacements
Square Hammer Ghost
if i had a hammer Leonard Nimoy
I Know I’m Not The Only One Tegan & Sara
Girls Girls Girls Motley Crue with Alex Trebek (happy bday Vince Neil)
Smokin’ in the Boys Room Brownsville Station (happy bday Cub Koda)
Danger List John Mellencamp (happy bday John)
Ronald McDonald Liner
Boom, Like That Mark Knopfler (happy bday Ray Kroc)
The Joker Todd Snider
Abracadabra Steve Miller Band (happy bday Steve)
eyes of the world Fleetwood Mac (happy bday Lindsay Buckingham)

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PLAYLIST for 09/29/19 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
United Nations General Assembly Speech Greta Thunberg
I Spoke As A Child Todd Snider
We’ll Inherit the Earth (Bearsville Version) the Replacements
Fall Of The Planet Earth The Moonbillies
This Planet’s a Mess Fred Schneider and the Shake Society
I Dont Owe You Anything (anything anything version) Tegan & Sara
Don’t Believe The Things They Tell You They Lie Tegan & Sara
Asking Me Lies The Replacements
I can help (billy swan cover) the Replacements feat Tom Waits
Self Help Books – George Carlin (happy bday George)
Please Help Me Tegan & Sara
with His mouth full of food DJ Rich Russo reads Shel Silverstein (happy bday Shel)
It’ll Chew You Up And Spit You Out Concrete Blonde (happy bday Johnnette)
Bit off More than I Can Chew (Chinn-Chapman) Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods
Grateful Dead Press Conference
Ripple (alternate take) Grateful Dead (RIP Robert Hunter)
Casey Jones Warren Zevon
Silvio Bob Dylan
A World Of Our Own Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul
Last thing in the World the Replacements
Sting Me The Black Crowes
We’ll Be Together Sting (happy bday Sting)
We Go Together Grease
Du Die Wanna ist voll (you’re the one that i want) Dieter Hallervorden Helga Feddersen
If You Love Me (Let Me Know) Olivia Newton-John (Happy bday Olivia)
Let Me Down Hard John Eddie
Boyce & Hart The Minus 5 (happy bday Tommy Boyce)
I’m Not Your Stepping Stone (Beacon 5/20/13) Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Everybody Loves Me, Baby Don McLean (Happy bday Don)

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PLAYLIST for 09/22/19 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
The Killers Brandon Flowers Inducts Cars
MOVING IN STEREO (1977 DEMO) Ric on vocals The Cars
Got a Lot on My Head The Cars
Buddy Holly Weezer (produced Ric Ocasek)
No way Out D Generation (produced Ric Ocasek)
Sweet Little Sixteen Bruce Springsteen
Tuscon Train Bruce Springsteen
Downbound Train Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Dollhouse Bruce Springsteen
Who’s the Boss (bruce parody) Rick Dees
On the Boardwalk (BIOYA 45) Bruce Stringbean (Jimmy Vivino)
Sherry Darling Bruce Springsteen
Eileen Chapman and Melissa Ziobro dicsuss Springsteen: his Hometown
Freehold Bruce Springsteen
classic rock cutoff date Power Salad
Baby Hold On 9eddie money cover) Foo Fighters
Two tickets to paradise (single mix) Eddie Money
Fresh Start Joan Jett and Blackhearts (happy bday Joan)
I Hear Noises Tegan & Sara (Happy bday Tegan and Sara)
Hey I’m just Like you (clean edit) Tegan & Sara
Big Daddy Of Them All John Mellencamp
father of all GREEN DAY
Fascinating R.E.M.

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PLAYLIST for 09/15/19 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
LINER Love American Style (anything anything style)
Listening To The Radio Adam Sandler (happy bday Adam)
Dede Dinah Frankie Avalon (happy bday Frankie)
Brooklyn Babe Dee Dee King (Dee Dee Ramone) (happy bday Dee Dee)
Do The Bird Dee Dee Sharp (happy bday Dee Dee)
Psycho Chicken (beeped) Fools (happy bday Colonel Sanders)
Wicked Chicken Duck Flowers
Here Comes A Regular (Live) The Replacements
Bartender Lana Del Rey
Hey Bartender The Blues Brothers
Hey Girl The Small Faces
Hey I’m just Like you (clean edit) Tegan & Sara
Just Like Anyone Soul Asylum
Just Like Chocolate The Dollyrots
Mad Men Hershey’s pitch/Nothing like a face commercial
Chocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Love You) Chef
Bittersweet Symphony The Verve (happy bday Richard Ashcroft)
I Hear A Symphony The Supremes
i can hear music Larry Lurex (happy bday Freddie Mercury)
Hear About It Later Van Halen
Talk To Ya Later The Tubes (happy bday Fee Waybill)
The Millionaire Dr Hook
March Of The Billionaires (clean edit) Cracker (happy bday David Lowery)
Torches And Pitchforks Cracker
Death and Destruction Low Cut Connie
eve of destruction Red Rockers
Where Were You When I Needed You (PF Sloan) Bangles
I Feel Weird Steel Train
Ground Zero 68 A.D.
You’re Missing Bruce Springsteen (never forget 9-11-01)

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PLAYLIST for 09/8/19 and OnDemand Player

Anything, Anything Dramarama
It’s a really big show tonight (anything version)
Almost Anything Goes Good Rats
Anything Goes Mitzi Gaynor (happy bday Mitzi)
Anything Goes AC\DC
Anything Goes Guns N’ Roses
Everybody Out Of The Water The Wallflowers
Crunchy Water Dweezil Zappa (happy bday Dweezil)
Dirty Water Low Cut Connie
Raquel Welch Catfight from Seinfeld (happy bday Raquel)
Cat Fight (Over A Dog Like me) Stray Cats
Maybe Baby Buddy Holly (happy bday Buddy)
Hey Bernie Sanders Happytown (happy bday Bernie)
Jesse Bruce Springsteen
Jesse Malin in Studio
Strangers and Thieves Jesse Malin
Shadow Of A Doubt (A Complex Kid) (Live) Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Jesse Malin in Studio
Lucinda The Knack
Lucinda Jesse Malin
I Lost It (80/97 Mix) Lucinda Williams
Jesse Malin in Studio
Revelations Jesse Malin
Jesse Malin in Studio
Dead On Jesse Malin
Stupid Girl Ellen Foley
Chemical Heart Jesse Malin (Performed Live in Studio)
Meet me at the End of the World Again Jesse Malin (Performed Live in Studio)
Shining Down Jesse Malin (Performed Live in Studio)
Up the Junction Jesse Malin (Performed Live in Studio)
Up the Junction Manfred Mann
Room 13 Jesse Malin Performed Live BONUS OnDemand Player only
Revelations Jesse Malin Performed Live BONUS OnDemand Player only

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